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I world network operators for the users, the Select Hotel, the traditional channel is the recommendation of friends and family, but at the same time, the wedding is a highly personalized thing, can not avoid the process is to look at the venue, date.

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in the whole wedding industry chain, because each chain is independent of each other, the unit price is high, making the user’s decision-making cost is very high. In these chains, wedding reservations are at the forefront.

2007, witch Kennan or Ctrip Beijing tourism business director, in the study of honeymoon tourism products in consumer behavior, found that the wedding industry and tourism industry there is a great similarity. For example, both of them belong to the major category of service industry, and their development process and scale of growth are also comparable.

then, at the end of 2007, the wizard Kennan resigned from Ctrip’s work and set up a wedding network.

at the time, the wedding market is still lacking spirit of cooperation "at first we in the United States, copy Knot model, starting from the information platform". Knot is a well-known wedding website in the United States, providing one-stop products and services for newcomers. And the model of "vertical portal" in the field of marriage, which is locked in the wedding net, will make the profit problem impossible. At that time, the competitor of the network is the consumption of BBS in major cities, such as the fence in Shanghai and 55BBS in Beijing. The advertising revenue of these forums is only tens of millions of yuan at the peak. It has not reached the scale yet. Kennan has seen the advertisement income ceiling, after Kennan decided as a warning for the future, the transformation of his direction is to do service providers.

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"our genes are more focused on services."." Continue in the management experience and operation mode that carry Cheng, let sorcery Kennan decide to use call center to serve as the core of the service, and the website on the line is a drainage channel.

at the wedding network, 60% of employees call the service center, and they are divided into two transfers, docked and docked. Including online and telephone consulting, continuous documentary and follow-up gift delivery, and then in each city, landing branch of the business Commissioner, responsible for the development of local businesses, hotel negotiations and docking.

from the vertical information portal into the wedding reservation, witch Kennan is carefully considered. Chose the wedding scheduled for the entrance, there are three main reasons: first, the wedding is the first step of marriage consumption chain, then there may be derived from many other opportunities; secondly, the wedding in the whole chain of consumption in the highest proportion, can reach 40%-50%; at last, compared with other business segments wedding wedding field, more convenient standard systematic operation.

chooses the wedding as an entry point, which means that the wedding network needs to have a large hotel inventory. In the early days, the hardships of exploiting this resource may be >