Novice webmaster envy fish than retreat webs

checked the article a few days ago and saw a friend leaving QQ behind the article, adding him. During the conversation with him, I realized that the friend was going to do the station.

according to the friend’s judgment, do stand from the "head" to learn, he was ready to give his station design a very cattle LOGO, in order to find inspiration, crazy collection of well-known website LOGO, often ask "this LOGO is what to do, what software?" I told him you can do with Photoshop.

the pal on the Internet crazy to collect a lot of information on the Photoshop, one day in the morning three when, suddenly like a ghost from the QQ jumped out, "I want to learn Photoshop cs2." Finished and disappeared.

is this you passion for learning of the infection, then found him a Photoshop CS2 video tutorial, the second day of work, this is what QQ "I think the drop from the clouds, it is a waste of time, I don’t want to spend time on it, please do it in the forum Sasa I can, ready to set up the forum, you have what good tutorial," so called, the installation of the graphic tutorial novice webmaster training to use discuz and UCenter to him.

as I write this a few minutes before this you said that did not install the value, please install a. Continue to go online to collect " exquisite LOGO" go.

in the webmaster group, often met webmaster friends asked similar questions:

"the template for this site looks good. Which one can help me get it down?"……"

"you see the plug-in inside this forum, good cow!"……"

When we

in the above envy these cattle cattle station expert things, when chatting in the QQ group inside their understanding of large webmaster, a certain expert sb some time to do a station to sell how much money, why not calm down, analyze why they will be successful, is the reason for their success is just ahead of us born five years ago, in the appreciation of the beautiful LOGO, when the plug-in utility program, why not learn to do static. The sunset dune is the first phase I in stationmaster net novice webmaster friends group, when the training starts, don’t know what a DEDE is, then after class haven’t seen him once, he sent me a station, opened it, DEDE station, very beautiful template. He is very proud to say, "this is my latest research results, the template is what I do, okay." While admiring, he is happy for his progress.


, rather than retreat webs, novice friends do stand in learning, do not prevent "low-key" a little less talk, more work. When you study honestly for a short time, you can do it inadvertently