Why to say to do English website it is stationmaster’s new outlet

recently discovered a strange phenomenon, there are many friends to me site, almost similar reasons: I feel very good ability, they want to imitate a station, and I hope to cooperate. Before encountered such a situation, polished set, it felt normal. However, as they did more and more stations also operate more stations will gradually began to think about a deeper problem, that is: we do so many stations, what kind of station will have future


for this problem, my principle is: try to be an English station. Of course, I have plenty of reasons, I will analyze from the angle of development, from "why do English station, English station general, how to run English station" of the three aspects in detail in my opinion.

first, why do we have to be an English station,


is a lot of people standing at English, this is understandable, but this cannot be the reason we do not English station.

1., the general upgrading of China’s population quality has accelerated the process of internationalization of websites. Perhaps few people now use English website, but for 10 years, after 20 years? When the Tencent, Sina, SOHO, 163 at the start Chinese, several people have the opportunity to use the computer, but in the past 10 years, the Internet is Chinese how rapid development? We may not be able to replicate their ideas, but we can follow their ideas, to meet the situation after 10 years. Don’t use your lack of knowledge as a reason to give up an English station.

2. English website is not difficult to do. Just like when I’m doing www.logo1024.com and www.logoshows.com, it’s really difficult, but it’s really different when I really do it. This world has a tool called Kingsoft PowerWord, there is a website called Google translation, this is enough, you can not do without, you can not think of. This is not I started doing Today Music rash and too much in haste. My view is: we may not go before, but our thinking must walk in front of others, because we are the webmaster.

3.GG clicks more than 5-6 times higher than the Chinese Web site, or even higher. Although GG’s income proportion has been declining, but GG is still a real advertising revenue path, to do for a living garbage station and want to rely on GG to make money for the stationmaster, do English station is now more appropriate choice.

4. English station can reflect the technical ability of company or enterprise. Now many companies are building their own website English version, so some webmaster have the ability to contact with more English website, in contact with the advanced site concept at the same time, the ability to enhance their own site, so as to build the company English enterprise station network is excellent, so also a why a way of earning money. Not for


second, >