Tyrant unfamiliar street how to cope with the future with change

unfamiliar street as a rare domestic slow line products, and its unique product positioning and functional forms, so that unfamiliar streets at the pinnacle of mobile social empire. And recently, the industry has news broke out, unfamiliar street will be released on November 11th prospectus, and in December to the United States IPO (initial public offering), plans to raise $2-3, valued at about $3 billion. As a result, unfamiliar street really became tyrant. In fact, Tang Yan’s concept of operations, unfamiliar street just rely on the mobile Internet social products based on his early heart is unfamiliar street in order to let more friends using a mobile phone to expand your circle of friends, now even month there will be a new influx of tens of millions of users, but Tang knew the unfamiliar street in front of the rock the pressure is not small.

why, after all, as mobile social networking products, unfamiliar street submitted transcripts is quite satisfactory, especially in WeChat heady today, unfamiliar street can keep a certain speed steady growth is not easy. But in the long run, there are many problems with unfamiliar streets. One of the most urgent problems is how to remove the tag. To tell you the truth, about guns artifact labels really make unfamiliar streets in the initial growth, save a lot of costs, and even can say that without any thought on the realization of its own foundation of compaction. But later also feel about this gun porn attribute does not give from the unfamiliar street and healthy growth, in other words about guns limit the things many unfamiliar street. This is the current plight of unfamiliar street in the face of WeChat point, a strong offensive, unfamiliar street even with ALI this class tree is hard to sleep without any anxiety, change rapidly in the mobile Internet today, and how to maintain their advantage has been advocating the slow rhythm of the products of unfamiliar street, further development? I want to start from three.

differentiation. The difference not only for WeChat, but also for all of the social product, unfamiliar street as a social product, function and other products overlap can hardly be avoided, but the core of Unfamiliar Street must be clear their mind and product lines, and on the basis of the reasonable core product of reform, such as the above mentioned unfamiliar street needs is to expand the circle of friends relationship, so unfamiliar street compared with other products, use should pay more attention to the function of LBS. The interest group, and the activities surrounding the villagers will wait line activities and must do so thoroughly, if only for online acquaintances, so unfamiliar street will become WeChat’s early fall by the wayside, has been able to continue to develop under the influence of WeChat, because unfamiliar street to find their own path of development differentiation thus, do not overlap with WeChat in the market.

deep level. The problem of viscosity has always been a social product that needs to be addressed and maintained. How to seize the user’s core needs, and gradually precipitate user relations, there are many things you need to think about. Unlike WeChat, unfamiliar street in the media resources and the defects makes it can not rely on the content to keep the user, may not use the huge resources to attract users, unfamiliar street has only a stranger and based on various demand relationship, want to do this in this regard, "