Talk about the strategy and development direction of online education website

development of the Internet today, can be said to have reached an explosive stage, many traditional things are being "Internet", which includes: online education website, or is the online training site, this type of site do portal, a forum, also have to do tool class. Such education site how to operate it? Should the future direction of development? The main user education websites is what? The popularity of the Internet in the home so that we can easily find the information they want, online education can make you free classes at home, many educational websites have video resources for example: PHP100, video teaching, video teaching and so on vivid than text and pictures to. What kind of ideas do you have for online education websites? The author summarizes a few points, of course, just a personal point of view.

first: site type selection

information from the type of education website, and then to the BBS type website, or online tool type of site, what kind of website is more suitable for the type of education website? I feel site selection needs to be cautious, or mainly based on their own resources and strength. Information education sites belong to small portal sites, such sites need strong resources and capital investment, if it is a small team or company to operate such a site, to tell the truth, the difficulty is very large. While the forum type education website also needs a lot of resources and funds, individuals want a good operator forum is almost impossible, the last is the tool type education website, such as online English learning website, this website is many, is actually an online tool to help people learn English words etc.. The different types of sites, different information needs a lot of quality content, the first in the forum to popularity, tools to design good overall function, or according to their own situation to choose, do not blindly follow the trend to go into the portal.

second: website profit model

for online education website, profit is the main mode of selling resources and membership, for example website provides good video and learning materials, but these things are free of charge, visitors need to recharge after registered members can download the learning materials, or watch the video online. This is a very common website profit pattern, only the content on the website for registered members feel genuine goods at a fair price, worth the money, the site membership and pure free what is the difference? In fact, not completely free. General free website will hang a lot of advertising, that is, the maximum extent to earn advertising fees, the two profit model is no good or bad, the key to consider what kind of more suitable for themselves. Educational website can be implemented in the early stage of the system is not completely free, part of the educational video is free to watch, and the other part is the need for fees, which is similar to potatoes, Youku and other video sites. The main purpose is to build early stage >