Nine experiences of playing SNS websites

1, boot new user

new registered users often because any friends don’t know on the UCHome platform and feel lonely and helpless, unlike UCHome forum have lots of classification information can be read, she pays more attention to the relationship between the interpersonal network clues. Therefore, after the new user registration, we often need to use a variety of means to guide users, and constantly integrated into our site. For example, set some active users or managers to default friends for new users, go to their space messages, encourage them to publish their own things, share them with their friends, and so on. Through this way, so that new users feel concerned about, and constantly help them become familiar with the site better into the site. In addition, the webmaster can also modify the newly registered user interface according to their user base to help them know how to use the system and organize common user problems. In short, the effective guidance of new users can greatly improve the site effective user activation rate, when the activation rate reached a certain value, the site’s growth began to enter the white hot stage.

2, show new users

In addition to helping and guiding new users,

also needs to use other resources to promote and display them. This is different from the forum, because the forum topic is relatively high, when a new join may not have published more high quality topics so it is not easy to arouse people’s attention, but the human oriented UCHome network emphasizes the same hobbies people together, such as a new join in MM also loves the movie, so easily into the love film circle, she is not care about new registered users. Therefore, for the new users with more complete personal information, the webmaster should display them in front of the old members, so as to increase their chances of meeting each other. Through the constant combination of new and old, the site can continue to grow, attracting more potential users to join.

3, management team to participate in interactive

management team in the past forum is more management, and the UCHome network needs management team, more help users, participate in the discussion. For the newly started site, the role of the management team is very obvious. Not only need to help new users to answer all kinds of questions and doubts, but also need to drive the interaction of the entire network. Continuously promote members to meet and become good friends. It’s like making a snowman before you need to squeeze a snowball tightly with your hands. Therefore, the requirements of the site management team can actively help users, the initiative to add users as friends, participate in the user to publish content discussion and message. From our experience, a good management team can actively integrate into the interaction of the site, the development of the site has played a great role.

4, manufacturing star member

if the management team is actively involved in the site interaction as a stimulant, then making star membership is a panacea for immortality. When a site grows up >