Website revision inevitable three details make revision worry free


website has been many webmaster headache, but in the website operation cycle, revision is unavoidable, like NetEase, Sohu these large portal, can not avoid the revision, but for us these small sites, the revision is unable to avoid, after all, with the changing of Internet population, each stage users need to experience is not the same, if you don’t keep up with the pace of the times, that your site will be eliminated by history, which is undoubtedly the best way to keep pace with the times change

!Since the revision of the

site with the help of so big, so why many webmaster also afraid of change? This is because the website, if one is not careful, it is Baidu search engine that is new, it is necessary to re inspect the inside on the Baidu sandbox, before efforts may all in vain, so the revision is great for many webmaster pressure, but I believe that as long as the website, pay attention to the following three details, or to allow the site to undertake smoothly before the revision of weights, what will not cause adverse effects on the


1: when correcting, be consistent with search engine requirements,

search engine is more and more important for the influence of the site, so the most afraid of course still belongs to the revision website search engine right down, so the optimization details on the site, it should fully consider the search engine requirements, such as the structure of the site is more confusion, whether the site space security risks, because some the site in the revision, will consider replacing the website space, website space stability is open and the speed of the search engine, will the impression impression! There is a website, there is no replacement of key words, if the words have changed, it can not be revised very well, because a keyword, only to make the search engine that this new website is a new, original weight is very difficult to inherit the


but now there have been many professional SEO optimized for the team website, for example, A5’s team is a good choice, because to meet SEO optimization revision of the work, it’s easy to say, hard to do! Like a little story I heard, said a group of mice to study how to meet to prevent the cat eat them and have a little mouse on the proposal, hang a bell around the cat’s neck, when many mice think this idea is very good, an older mouse asks a question, who can hang a bell to the cat! This one beat all the mice, visible many clever the idea of a lot, but it is often very difficult, the website did not so much, so find a professional team to do, it is the best method for


two: website revision, should increase the content put density,

After the

website, more or less will affect the site in Baidu or other search engine weight, at this time only by increasing the density and quality on the web content, can quickly won the favor of search engine.