For eight years for you to reveal grassroots webmaster survival of the future two

the day before yesterday in the webmaster nets published a "business eight years for you to reveal" the future survival of the grassroots webmaster, did not think a lot of people come to me, it seems the existence puzzledom grassroots webmaster really common, the article will soon become a hot spot in the top, and I also feel the lack of written you have a lot of problems not written, in order to avoid a lot of people say I do not say this advertisement, I each site my agent’s name, only the discussion mode.

currently on the network to do the station webmaster should have half, just understand some web site knowledge.

do a part-time job in the Wangzhuan present network basically have no network professional knowledge too much.

even if the station already has 32 stations, there are a large number of people do not understand the server, procedures, databases, security and other issues. But they have passion, have a dream, and I like them, I’m not what expertise, but I just want to try to do a webmaster, I just want to accomplish my career in the network, I was a standard Indoorsman, but I still have a dream Indoorsman do not.

spent eight years, I began to understand, in fact I have a career, a single from making money, can join the SEO team for a long time, the promotion of a product, you can make a Taobao customer, can do a dumpster, Q & a collection station, I believe that these can also earn a penny, but absolutely not for a long time, make a station for a year, profit a year, no future, and then make a stand in the start? Busy day off station, station, promotion, even earn some money, but is also a network of toil only, good luck, after ten years and you are still earn tens of thousands of small owners, bad luck, you should have this piece of the business out of the network.

maybe a lot of people disdain in my theory, that agency website just to do the wedding dress for others, but I still believe that you find a right way to a grassroots webmaster, I believe that time will test everything, a lot of people look at my last article, came to me and said with deep feeling, and asked me all my agent to join the site conditions and treatment, I say something here, if you find my exchange of views, I welcome, if you want to ask to join various conditions and future earnings, please go to their company headquarters asked me to write the main is to give everyone a finger I see the road, and not let we come to my agent agency website, I just say a thought, in fact the various industries will have a future, the most important is you believe that you will find the station after promising


grassroots webmaster there are many ways to go, but what kind of choice determines what kind of future, I respected my agent Road, here I will explain to you in detail my ideas:

for the crowd: network site technology is not in place, but still have a certain understanding of the network, stable Internet access time.

agent three elements: first, they like, understand some of their own lines