Community O2O development in addition to O should pay more attention to that 2

O2O development today has been a lot of attention and participation of the community industry, O2O is a branch of the O2O industry, on the understanding of O2O there are many online interpretation of the will not go into here, although the industry has made a link with O2O, but the industry also has various industries play, because O2O will be involved in the online and offline, starting the emphasis is different.


O2O has been greatly developed in various industries, then combined with the current status of community O2O and community economic development we see, O2O for the core community in this industry where the starting point, is two O, or the 2, so we combine the O2O community in the development of the industry, the development of community O2O a key year, 2014, this year is the emergence of enterprise community O2O for most of the year is also the death of most of the year, we see that these companies have the same characteristics, is light, light, light mode platform, light application, light to a a platform, a pile of code, an information aggregation, without any action under the line, the majority were killed, mainly because there are also many online articles are reviewed, such as no platform Sticky, inactive, experience no guarantee, no profit point, etc..

Since the

line not, so we see a lot of the team fought to overthrow the line, fought in the light application mode, so in 2015 we saw a large number of community service shops, although the industry has made to the SF hey off "example", but now the community store is still entrepreneurs starting choice, because the real thing is there, the user can watch and touch, and community stores can be transformed a lot of things, have self ability, so the community store is the main way of community economy, community O2O landing; in addition to the service shop outside we see in the operation also increased efforts to push community activities to become the main force in the operation.

Through the above

, the community O2O, two O after several years of development of the most incisive, we think that the two "O" is visible or tangible, but in fact is not the case, in the field of community economy, what is more important is to create the life scene, because the community is life, life is the real community, the community O2O model on online and offline, actually has two fusion, and fusion behind the need to complete more carrier, which is the "2" role.

2 is not simply a link, it is a transfer of requirements,

Broadly speaking,

refers to the 2 links of online and offline, including the construction of platform, payment, delivery and so on, but the actual essence is bidirectional, open, link, fusion, is the two-way transmission of information, also is the demand, resulting in a new service, promote new experience, strengthen channel construction and viscous.