Google has been exposed webmaster impact

recently, a lot of important events on the Internet are related to combating illegal and illegal information on the internet. First Microsoft Bing because it can search a large number of illegal bad information was blocked by the mainland of China; after the Ministry of Green Dam – Youth Escort software storm. Yiboweiping another, this morning I open the computer to browse the Internet news, they found the Google has made headlines! The first is Internet reporting center accused Google of dissemination of pornographic and vulgar information after CCTV exposure of the existence of a large number of pornographic information Google Chinese website, in violation of the relevant provisions of the state, damage the physical and mental health of teenagers. Do not know who offended Google, suddenly suffered a row of attacks.

from last year’s CCTV exposure, Baidu malicious bidding rankings to Google now dissemination of pornographic information, the Internet as a preferred gateway to Internet users, has been concerned about the parties. Especially recently, the Internet started moving from government regulation unwholesome tendencies, funded the development of Green Dam Youth Escort can be seen, the attitude of remediation activities was determined, means very tough, involving the widest scope. During this period, the problems of the search engine is likely to be pushed in the teeth of the storm, by all the "guard" and even sanctions. If Google can not adapt to local characteristics like Baidu, and do not want to learn public relations measures like Baidu, the future in China will be worrying. Its so-called "don’t do evil" business philosophy will be completely overturned.

thanks to the effective public relations, Baidu aunt can hide in a corner secretly laughing. But Baidu can not be too optimistic, the exposure of Google, but is in the Green Dam software was to denounce the parties questioned, can not help but suspect that the CCTV exposure may be behind the Ministry for the implementation of the Green Dam software rationalization must be compulsory installation and find the paving stone, unfortunately, is Google Green Dam underfoot, caught typical. But it does not rule out when CCTV turned its face and exposed Baidu again.

regardless of this Internet regulation unhealthy tendencies, in the end can play much of the effect?. Google will adopt what kind of public relations attitude to deal with the incident, there is no doubt that the government departments have already decided to punish bad information, the future crackdown may continue to increase. In addition to pre installed Green Dam software, filtering requirements for search engines will become increasingly stringent. The major search engines, led by Baidu and Google, should face up to this problem and adopt corresponding technical and managerial changes.

said, coincidentally, the author just wrote a webmaster yesterday, please regulate your website content, analysis of the station to do the station to regulate the importance of the content of the site, today, Google was pornographic information was exposed. We all know, search engine is the main way to get traffic, the webmaster can only rely on search engines to eat, look at the search engine’s face. Therefore, the birth of a SEO called "knowledge", the webmaster all day long in the study of SEO, thinking about how to please search engines, so that they take the initiative to find their own web site. Adsense nets satisfied think unhealthy information as a series of actions.