How to solve the fine operation by data analysis

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The background of

refinement operation, how to use data analysis to solve the problem: growth in traffic operations and user operations, product operations and content operations, today will give you recommend sharing GrowingIO (data analysis tool) in the data operation experience.

GrowingIO is a new generation of web and mobile end data analysis products, providing the world’s leading non point data acquisition technology and user behavior analysis tools to help companies use data driven growth.


1, no buried point technology, real-time acquisition of full amount of user behavior data, operations can be directly comprehensive, in-depth data analysis.

2, monitoring and analysis of each article, every advertising effect of drainage, to help operators optimize channels.

Every act of

3, monitoring and analysis of users (path, clustering, image transformation, etc.), improve retention and promote user growth.

one, traffic operations: optimize channel expansion mode

traffic operations, mainly to solve the problem where users come from, in the past extensive flow operations, just off the PV, UV and other vanity indicators, in the fine operation of today is far from enough. Although he is also doing SEO for a long time, the sensitivity of traffic is still unabated.

, flow index system

We need to determine the flow of

through multi dimensions and indexes, including the magnitude index, quality index and the visiting user types of accounting index, index of different magnitude relates to Web platform, mainly to see the end of visit, PV and UV, APP and DAU, mainly to see the starting times of NDAU. The basic quality indicators including the average user access time, average session browsing pages (i.e. access depth) and the bounce rate, these indicators can determine the user’s activity, the product life cycle model is widely used in Internet operations, in different product life cycle, there is a difference in the type of visitors. At present, PC is still one of the main sources of traffic in many industries.

is an excellent operating personnel, should be familiar with traffic profiles of their products, see the website flow through every day, operators can clearly grasp the flow index and its change trend, for the assessment of the past and predict future trends. (many companies don’t value the value of PC traffic.)

II. Flow analysis in various ways

in website traffic analysis, mainly from the point of view of access sources, traffic, entrance, advertising and so on.

we found through access source analysis, compared to other channels >