The optimization route unchanged think users think do the user needed


SEOER must understand their own optimization of targeted groups love how users think, think, do the needs of users, in order to promote the long-term development of a site. When a user searches for a word, hard to search your home, then the user will click in reading, when reading is found after the information you need, you will be on this site for more see or contact customer consultation, and promote the conversion rate of climb.

you have to do what you think before you do what the user wants. As a webmaster, you are not only the optimizer, but also you are the user. To be a successful optimizer, you have to be a qualified user first. If even a qualified user can not do, then want to optimize the success of a site, the crown network Xiaobian feel a little difficult. So how do you become a qualified user,


1) as a user does not love

wide of the mark

when a user searches for a word and sees a relatively attractive title of his own, he clicks in to read. You can click the title after the discovery of content and completely inconsistent, as the ancients said "hanging deceptive" with the feeling of deception.

2) doesn’t like long winded

as a user

if an article 500 characters can be in the middle of a clear picture, so if you are expressed with 2000 characters, which significantly affect the user experience, see the 2000 characters of the time, the user to read several articles related content.

3) as a user does not like too boring content

As a user,

always likes to see some more vivid pictures, and doesn’t like to see piles of text piled up together. Therefore, the content of the article can be appropriate to add some video, pictures or something.

4) as a user, like to read


when users see an article for a long time, few will complete the whole look. In the long article, they will only roughly approximate, then, at this time of their article, if there is a concise summary of the summary, then it is to the user greatly enhance the experience.

5) as a user, like to see the relevant content

when users see the information they need, there may still understand, then the user through the contents of other love to further understand more deeply, so this time we can recommend some relevant articles in the volume through the anchor text,

tool good anchor text but also enhance the clever use of the user experience

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