Personal webmaster building local website full manual

went tenth years and where the Internet will go next is a question we all keep thinking about. Local websites have always been a topic of interest to me, and many articles in my blog "Yulin blog" are also discussing the development of the city in my city. Local network is also a trend that I feel after the development of China’s Internet, and it is also the foreground of the regional network in Yulin.

I am engaged in the study of

operation and the local website has a whole three years, on the Internet about the local website topic overwhelming, I hope to get to the development strategy of local websites really practical and valuable for everyone to share. This article is my combination of many grassroots webmaster local network experience, plus my personal experience and write. Hope to help you.

one, local website profit

in the portal site, industry website step by step, grow up, local portal also began to liven up, local gateway in the end how to profit?


Internet must be "landing", the local personal website finally want to return to the people, rather than hanging up in a department or unit. Now there are many people who work in the local government website dream incorporated, or dream of fudge government, what’s to get some opportunistic sponsorship. I don’t think the development of local websites depends on the government, so I can see the government’s own official network.

do go to grassroots Internet users to extend its reach to every corner of the city and the countryside, the formation of scale effect, this is where the local portal site advantage, to form the core competitiveness, local portal site will be in the "landing" efforts, but it is not a short duration of time will be able to do, really want to get a local portal website operation need to do long-term, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, as a lifelong career.

local portal business scope can involve domestic, real estate intermediary, dating, distribution, training institutions, beauty and the release of information, these are local convenience services, is the best air plant germination. I do not agree with the news and portal, not to say that news websites and portals have no future, but your capital can not afford to play.

is now recognized as a local website profitable mode is advertising, information release and business line, there is the way to make money, can not make money? Want to rely on the website profit, not only to understand the technology, make the network, you have to know the market. I think technology is the most important part of doing the website. Obviously, if you don’t know anything about it and want to learn how to do it, it’s very simple. You can learn a lot from it for half a year. Ten thousand steps back, you can hire a technology to help you engage in, investment is not terrible, the key to investment in place, you have to know how to make you money can fix service, technology, experience and ideas are priceless, 10 thousand dollars to do a website is very simple, can not buy 100 thousand independent non two ideas and experiences.

local sites you want to make money, first look around your ring >