New station in the short term to enhance PR cheats

Hello everybody, I’m the administrator of the 97sese movie network (, and today I’m going to teach you how to promote your website PR in the short term.

1. is not difficult to find, 97sese movie network at the bottom of the movie station friendship link, and 100% is similar sites, this is very important. Because similar sites exchange links, so that search engines can thoroughly know what your site belongs to what kind of Web site, and then the site will be classified into the search engine itself classification, so that PR can enhance

2. to Baidu know answer related questions, such as what is a user question the yellow website? You can answer your own web site, of course, your site must be yellow, or search engines will be punished, so try to answer the questions about your site and.

3. crazy write soft Wen, soft Wen written to is not to the webmaster to see, is to add the chain with, on the 97sese movie nets, the earlier wrote a lot of soft Wen, is to add the chain, the chain is high, PR will enhance

4. creates the GOOGLE administrator, and if you can’t do more than 3, then I suggest you create the GOOGLE administrator so that you can add 1 more PR to your site, which has been tested by many. Because GOOGLE adds PR to the site, the premise is that the station is not a garbage station, and if you create the GOOGLE administrator, your site will be excluded from the garbage dump by GOOGLE.