n it talk about the webmaster’s responsibility and mentality

a few days ago at around Admin5, with a decorated forum webmaster, conversation, speculation, in addition to pull on the feeling of winter, in addition to the two talked about additional topics to the webmaster, share:

number 1: the responsibility of the stationmaster.

this winter, for individual webmaster, even in the station, covered with a thick coat of the flail, successfully releasing economic cold shrink, requires many efforts and self liberation and innovation.

is now in the Internet, the Internet in addition to some carrier class portal, enrich the Internet more is our webmaster hand first website, a variety of needs of users, multitude, it is to provide the owners of these, only the Internet brilliant. The webmaster, grasp the direction of your website, practical, reference, temptation and so on, different from one another.

webmaster grasp the content, determine whether the website is correct or not. Can be described as webmaster responsibility in the body. In the end of the sentence, the leader of the sentence says, "we have a long way to go.". Content oriented, public opinion management, fair responsibility, will appear in every webmaster adhere to the website inside.

below is a record of my original quote:

"we just want to be able to build wearfeeling into healthy real exchange platform, it is a success, money is second, the dark thing I’ve ever seen a lot, a lot of my experience of the project but can have a sense of achievement to only 1".

This message from

made me remember a sentence which I didn’t remember very well. It probably means that a mother can raise a child, and a group of mothers can cultivate a nation.

, are you a mother who sees your website as a child? Have you designed the direction you are going to take your little child to,


is willing to tens of millions of webmaster, support this Internet colorful world, healthy Internet, real Internet, fair Internet!


second: webmaster mentality.

a few years ago just make a few pages, a CMS, do SEO, buy links, users of the thought is simple, do not understand the Internet webmaster as long as their "make a beautiful MM, point out the temptation of things, then you can put users attracted traffic into their own RMB, such as a mobile phone that is not registered what, make a pot full of children. Now, no, in addition to the national policy, there are more Internet users awakening.

this winter, to Xiao Sha, this winter, doomed to danger and opportunity coexist, the webmaster, it can not be the impact of the vortex, river water river dry, dry and don’t be afraid, what kind of drought make up, fine roots buried, austerity measures of energy saving and emission reduction to start. With seeds, you are afraid that the next spring will not germinate,