Achievement webmaster dream four key

often late at night, I always very excited, outside of work, I spend seventy percent of the time on the Internet, read information, send news, engage in Web sites, do analysis, this is my online pipeline. Long night, can’t fall asleep, at this time I indulge in my website career memories, in my site experience, found himself along the way, really tasted the life sour, sweet, bitter, hot salty "Five", a bitter defeat, have the joy of success, with the mind is not clear how many night, Amoy to the site to make money several gold……

in October 2007, I met MAXCMS, I realize the dream; in November 2007, my website; in 2008 07, received $one hundred…… Along the way, there was a kind of feeling, thought to be the release of spirit relax, usually also very love to A5, here today, the experience process of establishment of my experience to write it down, and all the people saw this post said.

individual feels, should divide website operation construction to be divided into the website to plan, website content, website optimization, website flow, website profit five crucial points.

first, the website planning is the most important link of the website operation, and plays the guiding role.

web site planning, like the steering wheel, determines the direction and outlet of the website, and also affects the website traffic and website traffic. I have been a network editor for more than three years, and found that planning is critical for a website. A lack of planning is the most terrible, but not the direction of the blind do stand, but still went into a dead end, even waste a lot of time and energy, will be empty in the end.

site planning is mainly for the web site to do a simple, that is to say, what is your website main content, your website who is the group, what is your website visitors to your site, or a strong competitive advantage in where, what is the future development direction of your website…… And so forth and so forth.

second, website content is the necessary link of website operation, fill action.

The content of

website, like additive, determines the flow and profitability of the website, and also affects the implementation of website planning and website optimization. Web content is generally divided into reproduced, pseudo original, original three levels, reproduced content is exactly the same as other websites, including title and text, this copy and paste and collection is not very different.

pseudo original content is the text and reprinted almost, in the title and the first paragraph of the article or article summary has changed, this is better than pure collection. Original content is the depth of the integration of reproduced articles, will be one or more articles to digest or fusion, or entirely from the creation of content. Like my mobile phone network content, eighty percent is pseudo original, twenty percent is original. My article is added by hand. The reason why I do this is that after I read a lot of articles, my knowledge will be precipitated and I can understand or master some of it