Grassroots webmaster you have to pay the return

the time off really fast, blink of an eye from the construction of learning website has been more than 2 months, starting from the point of understanding of ASP, now use PHP CMS construction site and imitation station feel quite successful, the new owners to help solve the problem, feel unspeakable joy. The only thing is that the site is now not profitable, and now they have just started construction of the ASP station, aion tower and some time ago, just built the station web game But the site do not, no traffic, included is very low, no ranking! This time for a time to start to worry about it website ranking can also, but I learned a SEO after the change to the search engine or website! Now is not love.

but I’m still holding on.

talk about the following points. Definitely provide rankings for the site, traffic helpful, summed up a few points

: the first day earlier than chicken! (do not know if you are?) every two months before the update is not less than 50, but because they do not know the importance of the original pseudo original so basically is reproduced, but time is not fixed, updated many times a day. From third months, update 30 messages every morning, 20 in the morning, 10 in the evening, and the time of information is fixed.

second: looking for links, for new sites, this is hard work, but no matter how hard it is necessary to do, and can not waste a penny, so did not buy. In my life with people change links, ha ha finally changed a few, PR high not high not important, you link the key words selected. Select a snapshot to update your site link within 3 days so that the robot can stand up when you crawl. In the first website, just built a month when it was Dmoz included, PR directly to 3..

third: increase the chain, with a blog called wizard pretty good, 10 blog with a group of mass. I don’t know. Now search can include blogs with links. My blog doesn’t seem to work. Not very clear, the other is to the major BBS signature post. What Baidu paste it, know, ask, answer, go, bring your own link, I’m tired enough to do enough!


fourth: soft Wen, because of his literary talent is not good, very understand the importance of their own, but at present had published 7 articles about the text, it is the website made distinctions won in battle, the title of the article search has been reprinted many sites, more not less quality links to a website.

now summarizes what should be noticed in the process of persistence:

first: be sure to update the article every day, and update the number and time of the article is best fixed, so that after a period of time, the site’s ranking will be relatively fixed. Publish articles that don’t just weigh ‘no’