Aunt how firewood how two years to make a 200 million valuation of women’s health APP

I dark horse note: June 5, 2014, the female health management APP aunt? Announced the completion of C round of financing, the amount of $30 million, by the source of venture capital lead investment, Sequoia Capital and Bertelsmann followed. After this round of financing, aunt valued about $200 million?. Just two and a half years, aunt on the accumulation of one hundred million of the downloads, 50 million registered users, 30 million active users.

aunt, founder of firewood, but this year just 28 years old, but already started 5 years, experienced 8 entrepreneurial projects. Mobile Internet era is a fast trial and error era, but the key is whether you can quickly accumulate after trial and error. After 85, entrepreneurs, Chai may, a more interpretation of the more Yong Yong entrepreneurial story.

was born in 1986 of firewood, is the two generation of entrepreneurial circles rich, his father is the founder of Guizhou Hongyu pharmaceutical listed companies, but the firewood is not shy about this identity, because he thought he did not have a few days to enjoy the life of rich two generations.

"my father was an intellectual, that’s not making money, he was assistant professor at the University before the start, then slowly do a university teacher, after using the prescription of out of business. In fact, my family began to be really rich when I was twelve years old, and I was always poor."


firewood had to father started the factory helper, to high school went to Canada, where the university to pass. Strict family education, has been so that firewood can be "self-reliance", he graduated from Canada after two years of work, the room is rented, the car is also their wages to buy.

"because my family was poor when I was a child, my subconscious always felt that there was little money in the family and no habit of asking for money at home."

when he returned home to start his business, he did not intend to use his family’s connections. He used his savings to rent a house in Wangjing and started his own business.

"my parents support me in starting a business, but the company’s board wants me to go back.". They talked about our board of directors to give you five hundred thousand, this as your venture seed start-up fund, but the condition is that the five hundred thousand run out, you did not do it, you will come back to take over. I didn’t ask for their money. Once you start using something else, there’s a commitment and a commitment. I think I’ll spend my money and earn more. A lot of people think I’m crazy, Rolls-Royce is not sitting at home, but in Beijing crowded bus."

but entrepreneurship is not plain sailing, Chai said: "in the aunt before the project has failed, there is nothing to avoid.". I’ve tried too much, diabetes communities, Chinese medicine massage, weight loss community, Chinese Medicine physique rehabilitation, health question and answer, medical sales staff out positioning system – these six are related to health care. There are two unrelated, outsourcing, one is high-end membership card system, there is a taxi software."

returned home to start doing her aunt’s 1> from July 2009 to 2011