Some points to note in international domain name transfer

domain name registration after a period of time, the transfer of registered vendors is nothing new, especially in the network crackdown period, in the domestic register of COM security is also questioned. Transfer registrar, you need to pay attention to the above points:

1. domain name in the a registrar has just registered, to register for two months after the transfer to other places, this is international regulations. If you really need to transfer the domain name to another registrar, you can only implement the domain name deletion method. It depends on whether the registrar has the function to provide the new domain name deletion.

2., the newly registered domain name, two months later, as long as the current registrar to obtain a transfer password, you can submit a transfer in the new registrar. However, expired domain name can not be transferred.

3. if the domain name has been registered for more than 1 years and just renewals less than 60 days, the rule that depends on where the Registrar. A registered business is less than 60 days not to renew the rules out, some registered business in this situation can be transferred.

4. transfer registrar generally normal situation is 5-7 days, but some registered business may be completed quickly, then a few hours will be able to fix. Check the domain name transfer status, you can check the domain name whois information, when you see the domain name has been transferred well, the heart is much more practical.

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