The twists and turns of the network persist

before the outside do a computer training school, later due to various reasons do not go back home, is not good to do what thing, think of the site utterly bored of domestic subsidies, engage in online the program started, although I also engage in the program, but the program is not very good website. May I have some programming basics, understand HTML and ASP is no problem, choose a healthy subject started the rules mining article, not long after a website is made with an air of importance, then of course is the promotion, because did not know what SEO, do the most is to the Forum blog articles, after one or two months of operation, there are some IP, apply for a GOOGLE account up slowly, and there are 35 dollars a day, although it is not money, but at least there are The income, also gave their power to do so, when Gaga article, do a few topics to learn online promotion methods, and more time to nearly one hundred thousand PV, there are hundreds of dollars each month can, can let me at this level of consumption is not high county barely living. Although the intermediate flow of ups and downs, but I have always insisted but breach of SEO rules, generally after a period of time will return to the original level, the web site about frame forming have more spare time, usually read books, and unexpectedly passed the civil service exam, now it has been to work however, due to more free time, never forget this website laobenhang, continues to improve my website, one can earn money to substantiate that pitiful salary (don’t believe it, I now The salary is about one thousand and five hundred), on the other hand can also send free time, do this year is a little achievement, is probably not worth of prawns, also talk about my experience:

1, adhere to, do not worry about a temporary drop in flow, as long as you do not break the rules, stick to it, there will be harvest one day.

2, strengthen learning, constantly learning new knowledge, improve their ability and level, after all, can not do a lifetime of garbage station, for future job better lay a foundation, or you can make a more distinctive website of their own.

3, in addition to the best website outside also have a job, can have a relatively stable income, another convenient also can avoid oneself every day sit body in front of the computer, and can get more opportunities and social contact, after all, because we can not do site as the fireworks does not eat the sage.

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The other

I have a question for my website GOOGLE included more than 6000 article, the PR value 5, but GOOGLE almost didn’t flow, which can guide the one or two