Why is the classified catalogue gradually declining

since Baidu released in 10.23 against the super chain cheating way, there are a large number of a large number of websites have fallen, I believe we all know Baidu is mainly against those who refuse to sell the station and news source link links to buy those flow station, such as station, movie station and so on, please look at the picture below.


Baidu definitely hits sites selling links

in addition to selling links to news source site, I also found a website, also be down the right, what kind of it, you may have guessed, yes, is a categorized list of sites, this decline is also the author want to share with you today on the topic category. Before explaining the problem, I would like to tell you about the history of the catalogue and see why it’s so hot before the catalog.

directory search engine was a xiangbobo, I believe we all know the famous DMOZ, even Google will reference to prove its value, it is because of Dmoz’s popular search engine, so many SEO practitioners have to submit your site to DMOZ, there are also some Adsense see another business on the Internet, so there are many claiming to be copycat web site directory Dmoz, the number of large, multi site no less station, I believe many people didn’t know which is the real Dmoz.


Baidu search directory to find relevant results 25 million, you can see the classification of the hot degree of directory.

I have also been confused, want to submit to the DMOZ website, but the website is what you don’t know how to do, use Baidu Search, then Baidu search in Dmoz, see the first row in the station, it is registered, then, submitted to the site, also follow the prompts to their the website with the link to it (no way, no link, and then review ah) is a long wait, the fifth day, finally received approval by mail, I was that excited ah, in the evening I ha ha, through automatic speaking, Dmoz. Later I learned that just a copycat Dmoz, and really disappointed a copycat Dmoz really cause infinite harm to people.


real DMOZ, simple but not simple,

here, I want to tell SEO colleagues is, Dmoz is English Web site, the interface is very simple, the most important thing is: do not need to add its link on the home page, which we should pay attention to.

precisely because these Shanzhai Dmoz directory stations are different from the orthodox Dmoz in nature, they are destined to be different in their development patterns, and the orthodox Dmoz ends