What can we do in the face of nternet plagiarism

do stand for two years, have insisted on the original habit, sometimes lazy can’t do original, also at least can guarantee pseudo original. As a result, the quality of the site will be relatively high, and the search engine performance will be relatively good. Have to say, a lot of times, the original can achieve a station, but today want to say is, perhaps original will destroy a station. In fact, such a statement is too pessimistic, but by taking place in a new station on the matter, have to say that the fact is so. Maybe you’ll ask, what happened? I told you, it’s simple. The website has been collected and copied, that is to say, the content of the website has been copied. Therefore, this station is not long-term engine included, traffic is almost 0, then, when an original web site no one browsing, what is the significance of the station


many webmaster will laugh, this year, who does not copy who, people collect you, is to give you face. But a friend, crazy face copy, your collection, I stop and in what way? As many friends as adhere to the original, whether the blog or forum, once found the same industry preferable your content, will not hesitate to kill you, then you Zuoheganxiang it?

when you are hard to collect information, when you brew the structure of the article, when you put your words into action, record on the network, this is spent a lot of time and energy of the original. The collectors were secretly glad that the fool had been updated and that his website was content again. Is that so? Then what can we do as an original,


network plagiarism is unhealthy trend, perhaps due to the popularity of the personal website of the flood and collector lead, but from the deep analysis is not difficult to see China Internet environment is so bad, the quality of China website is stuck in a kind of hierarchy. In the process of China Internet as a mainstay personal website, webmaster, you have not thought about it, all of us and in what way? The search engine algorithm constantly adjust, users of the site look more picky, acquisition, copy will be the last big way home


maybe I think too much, but a new station, not included in the chain no flow conditions, the owners can only power station built on the left should interest and dedication, and in this case can adhere to the original one, is more admirable. In the face of crazy gathering and copying, it seems that we only have to try and fight, but perhaps this kind of struggle is insignificant, even Pediatrics, in front of many tools, but it is necessary.

from this, put forward a few original Adsense anti plagiarism regulations, for reference only.

1, new sites on line to keep original, each big engine included before, never exchange friendship links, manufacture the chain. (original don’t worry about included problems, once included, continue to original, generally about 1 months of the original station, you can do Baidu, Google real-time updates.


2, original new sites included before shielding the mouse >