The data is missing What should we do

is the way according to the customer at the time of the description of the afternoon when he was in the computer using another computer file sharing, because there are some files need not, customers use way drag drag the folder to your desktop and delete, delete it after the recovery, not only did not delete the information. And even shared that computer files have disappeared. To my customers receive phone calls about 20:00, a simple understanding of the situation, then that is a simple case deleted, so by the staff of the media billing…

customer name, Mr. X,

contact information


client company


fault description, accidentally deleted the files on the computer,

fault phenomenon, deleting

device type PC machine

storage medium hard disk

interface type serial port

medium model XXX

dielectric capacity 80G

operating system WINDOWS

file system FAT

I engineers begin preliminary examination of the medium, that things are not so simple that customers can look back on the computer, the file is deleted for a long time ago, but only that no file just deleted the customer requirements, so we feel to customers to understand your situation, look at what we have. After the communication with the customer, we learned that the original did not see the data, the customer was anxious, so the Internet search related information to see what can retrieve lost files, and download some software to try to recover, but not what effect, then through the network to understand our company and get in touch with us.

things here that we don’t know why they can not find the data they need, should try to resume his customers when the structure of the data may be destroyed and some of the data have been covered, things here. We’ll just have to do my best.

later after our engineers to help customers recover most of our data, but some data due to the destruction of too much never get it back.

Here we

due to the data loss caused by careless friend some advice: if not on the computer storage medium has a very deep understanding of data recovery tools required proficiency in the use of words, when data loss situations or find a professional data recovery company to do a good recovery if, because of misoperation caused by their some important data without looking back may only make themselves from.