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to do a website, I feel not so easy, not casually done, and done before, to consider and study. We must first look into the market, such as a local portal in this example, the author is drawn through the research results, the same below, now a large portal network portal accounted for the vast majority of the market, but we should not forget, even if a large portal accounted for a large market, but the small local portal, still has its market positioning, different, like the long tail theory. First, careful positioning of local portal, its user source is not a problem, but we need to do more detailed work is to refine the user group, according to the characteristics of the local users, divided into various types, and then look at the necessary, also the most important, then you can do the corresponding plate, this is not the blind. That’s all. Let’s think about it ourselves,.

since the advent of the new three board, corporate finance is inseparable from the basic private placement. According to wind statistics, in 2015, the new three board stock issue financing 2547 times, financing scale of 121 billion 348 million, is 9.18 times in 2014. Since 2016, there have been nearly 800 fixed increase financing, financing scale of nearly 40 billion. Enterprises have chosen to increase financing, say plainly, that is, low cost, easy to get money. Compared to the A stock market, the financing efficiency of the new third market, such as small increase can be exempted for approval, or an approved multiple issue of financing; and set by the reporting cycle is short, generally small number of shareholders less than 200 of the new three board business, reporting cycle in about two weeks, more than this faster than the stock market A.

today would like to talk about how to design a website that can make money. If you’re on a nonprofit website, you can see other things,.

three. Good user experience,.

1. A successful website small site, the same below, market research indispensable

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I give you recommend a good website to do the two now. One is careful talent network, how to implement, we study their own. One is in middle school website, according to CNNIC, the site is now the largest proportion of the students think the network is, why is Li Yuchun so fire, it is because of her FANS is the basic middle school. There’s a lot of opportunities, we look at how to seize the.

Abstract: stock ownership is the lifeblood of an enterprise. Every fixed increase means dilution of equity, and major shareholders may face the risk of losing control in the future. But for the new three board market start-ups, especially light asset enterprises, they have nothing valuable assets can be realized, only equity has a certain market value.

this problem is obvious, now rely on advertising has not placed. Advertising alliance has been the trend of vicious spiral. The writer thinks that profit model should be combined with the traditional profit model. originally written a lot. But failure

can be divided into two kinds, one is the class of financial enterprises, like Jiuding investment, set by the hundreds of billions, in addition to the money the hatching of some small and medium-sized enterprises, other investment in the construction of financial holding system, such as the acquisition of listed companies, hunters A shares market. According to statistics, last year, financial enterprises accounted for 1/4 share of the new total market share of three new board. The other is a non financial enterprises, although they do not like such Jiuding investment skillfully playing the financial markets, but they dare to take a large sum.

Get a large sum of money

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enterprise’s heart, an easy job to do, this is how to spend money? Part of the funds will be invested in the production companies do, solution as pressing danger, expand the production scale of enterprises, with space for time. Another part of the enterprise is playing better quanqian idea, I even doubted the initial purpose of companies listed on the new board is running.

battle new board stranded, registration system postponed, layered mechanism approaching, many enterprises once again focused on the new three panel market. As a paradise for SMEs financing, the advantages of the new three board can not be compared, and its financing model is also constantly innovation with the market environment. However, model innovation hide behind the inevitable more or less risk, such as the recent equity pledge warehouse explosion, private debt defaults and other events, the reflection of the development of state enterprises weak part of the three new board. From the development stage of financing model, private placement is the usual practice of most new three board enterprises. Equity pledge, private debt and preferred stock are still in the initial stage of development. With the improvement of the new three tiered mechanism, a variety of new financing models may be the first to pilot the innovation layer, and explore new ways for SME financing development. Opportunities and risks together, the author of the financing model for the logic behind, will be in the following analysis of its existing market risks, the previous part of the private placement and equity pledge based.

fixed increase, the enterprise where to spend money?

two. Profit model, not a single