Please think twice before Ali mother letterSelling movies into ten million only 8 employees of the

has established partnerships with 125 movie studios worldwide to obtain copyright from these studios and sell them to theaters, new media, and video sites. Read you see, Tencent, Migu and other companies are its clients. The company has 648 independent films, including the mechanic, the Pacific, and more sci-fi movies.

revenue mainly from the film copyright licensing operations, that is, the film copyright trafficking, in 2014 and 2015, the film copyright trafficking accounted for 99.79% of revenue and 91.07% of the company’s revenue.

July 28th, Guangzhou Jiahua film Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as "Jiahua pictures" for listed on the new board, only 8 employees, but in 2015 operating income was 26 million 779 thousand and 200 yuan.


mom until now, how your own people should understand that the mother of Ali and Taobao merger, major changes in personnel, downsizing a lot. Now stand on the ads often appear in the Taobao ad, I can not understand for advertisers to patronize you? > 4 months ago, I have a friend who is standing before long, hard earned 600 yuan was frozen as he didn’t cheat you I know,? OK, he applied for N times, each time the evidence is very detailed, I have not bear, for $600 worth it hard again and again the data? No way, it was the first time he earned so much money.

sure, there are a lot of ways to make money. The best thing is GG. I’ve been putting it on. It’s never been developed by my mom. It’s the biggest advertising League in the country. The development of fast development but you are very poor, from the mom come out now, I have been in the mother put ads, and I work in places near you, eat and taobao employees in a canteen, so to you is better than other people, than other people understand.


          from now on mom have earned tens of thousands of dollars, although you buckle, but I didn’t care, some more than 100 thousand IP in individual stationmaster heap webmaster have not put a lot of Ali’s mother

in addition to "selling" film copyright, the company also receives some of its revenue from imported films to help promote it. The company assists the publisher in film publicity

main business: the company specializes in the copyright management of foreign films, the promotion of imported films, the investment and production of the best-selling novel IP, and the investment and development of overseas film copyright.

controlling shareholder: Li Zhongwu and Li Ying jointly hold 97% of the shares of the company.

in 2014 and 2015, the company’s operating income was 9 million 998 thousand and 400 yuan and 26 million 779 thousand and 200 yuan, respectively, -407.97 million yuan and 7 million 131 thousand and 200 yuan.

Company Name: Guangzhou Jiahua film Limited by Share Ltd

Abstract: kaiwah pictures under the heavy note is the development of IP business, the company purchased the best-selling science fiction novel IP, and then made into movies or TV shows, 1 people engaged in the development of IP should be doing this.

Forum on the most content? Some say I sold a few cents a week, advertising is very happy, some say that my mother recommended price of less than N times, but no one bought? Some say, brother, sister, my advertising 5 cents to buy… I have read. Very sad, as for a few cents… And they do this station moved by the spirit. Therefore, you, Ali Mama advertising platform Alibaba group, you sit in these elite dozens of layers of office in busy what, perhaps you find advertisers for the owners, with the help of a small webmaster to create revenue however, time is so long, you stop sealing effect? "

founding date: May 31, 2006


these 8 people, translation production 1 people, IP development 1 people, marketing department 4 people, and 1 tube finance. Barbara is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, "ah! You read

What is the

2007 I began to do stand, only the beginning of the GG, Ali’s mother was born, was a series of activities of the mom propaganda do mom, then recommend a webmaster to join to send 20 yuan, unlike now you stand when you are not not by what the garbage station can be pay you to.

, 1, 8 people’s company is such a ten million

later, because of work reasons, often go to the forum, so every forum will see a lot of people say MM closed at the end of the time, they will be posting Ali mother forum deleted, although their speech is more intense but that is not a reason not, every time you with abnormal data, to send them, ask why you say where abnormal, abnormal, technical issues related to the company. When you pass the beggar?

is mainly the introduction of overseas film copyright kaiwah pictures, and then sold to domestic investment and development, help promote domestic investment and production of the best-selling novel IP and overseas film copyright import film also.

what can 8 people do together? A table, a drink, a table, two tables, mahjong is obviously a very common play. Read the gentleman, today to tell you an unusual way to play – 8 people, you can "scrape together" into a company, three new board.