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Ren Zhiqiang has been in sharp words known for a long time, Ren Zhiqiang remarks on the real estate network has been the most hot topic, although many people of Ren Zhiqiang very hate, but also have to admit that almost each of his speech is right.

Abstract: "I met an entrepreneur the first two days.". He said, "my website wants to be famous, I’ll find a group of naked women, wear bikinis, put his two dimensional code on his butt, and take a walk to Pan Shiyi’s SOHO in Sanlitun.". "I say you have to have the conscience of an entrepreneur, at least, and even if you’re famous, do you still have clients who trust you?"

1, very excited. Not because of the past two years, but because of the future. Love not, love to go forward.

following the king of classical quotations, part finishing:

4, from the calendar conference video, Jobs even in the belt this kind of minor matter also carried out "if not necessary, not to increase entity" principle. He did not wear a belt, last year was so thin that has to wear when the belt is minimalist style: Silver Square plain belt buckle head, a piece of leather, plain black, full width and no narrowing of the long tail, a very short period.

I’m going to talk about the topic: not everyone is good at starting a business.

introduction: from the establishment of the school after renamed everyone, rice no, domestic, until now the United States Mission network, he is the first domestic SNS, but also always been imitated. Wang Xing once described himself has been in the surf, always one step ahead to identify market opportunities, but every time surfing were later waves beyond.

statistics show that in 2014, 16000 more than 100 million cash enterprises died; in the first half of 2015, such enterprises will probably die 6800. Someone just said, "maybe we’ll die too.". I don’t want to die. I think I should live. Several ladies were proud to think that they could throw away their families and brave their careers, but I knew Mrs. Thatcher had always come home to cook every day. There is no contradiction between the two. What’s more, we need an entrepreneurial spirit.

entrepreneurship and employment are two different things. Employment is for you to listen to others, business is your command of others, not others command you. Therefore, entrepreneurship is to fight the world, you have to solve the employment of more people. Many entrepreneurs are the leaders of their former businesses. They transfer what they learn or see from big companies to their pockets. They can run out of business and do something alone. They may be successful. But most of all, he never takes on Economics

but what we’re here to share today is Ren Zhiqiang’s speech on Entrepreneurship: "not everyone is good at starting a business.".

Ren Zhiqiang’s speech is generally in the real estate or macro economy, such as in his "real estate regulation policy and market prospect of" closed door seminar recently, Ren Zhiqiang and Zhang Weiying and other economists made a profound discussion on housing prices in 2017. Ren Zhiqiang concludes: "regulation will make mistakes in demand after a period of concentrated outbreak, so the next round will be higher than this round up," first-tier cities population will surge, prices will rise".

I found that entrepreneurs often bet, I ask for a moment, you bet is the inevitable result, because in the Internet industry, only a first, second must die, so you have to put your opponent killed. But in our philosophy, everyone is best cooperative, and if you can cooperate to make the world a better place, you’d better not kill others.

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6, Excel is a real weapon! I remember reading software history read a story: in 1979, VisiCalc as the world’s first spreadsheet software, can be used to describe the absolute time. According to the "

I used to work for state-owned enterprises, and now I want to do something by myself and start my own business. I have some good friends, at least Li Kaifu will give me a little money. So I think I can make it.

facing the future, he is still full of curiosity and excitement, "the past does not love, indulge in forward" is his constant attitude. In his view, entrepreneurship is not easy, but it is not painful. For example, for some people, running or lifting weights is a painful thing that requires great willpower to keep going, but for others, these activities are fun in themselves.

3, previously heard in front of a huge fleet of Zheng He, Columbo, the new ship was sailing dinghy shabby. Now, I think it’s more like comparing people’s networks and Deng’s people’s search and ordinary Internet start-ups, who should be laughed at and don’t know which side. It’s not how much resources you have, but how many things you produce.

5, when I’m out of work, I sometimes daydream. If I had been born one million years ago, as a man, I should have been hunting now. Should I hide around the skirt, a javelin, catching goat and deer, may bear the death of Butch wolves do fight. If I don’t do well, I’ll be killed, and my family will die of hunger. Every time I think of it, I decide to concentrate on the real jungle of China’s internet.

2 is 1.5 times more intelligent than an average person, perhaps harder, but 1.5 times more diligent than an average person. Legal work 40 hours a week, many people actually effective work time is only 20~35 hours. 60 hours a week, I feel very relaxed, 70 hours pass, 80 hours more nervous, 90 hours to long-term continued a bit difficult. I’m deeply impressed by the fact that some investment banks exceed 100 hours a week.