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has been suffering from an insecure and dishonest product for too long, and society has been in a huge demand situation.

the cause of the incident is simpler. Once, Wu Guoping asked Zhu Jian, "where is the good food?" Zhu Jian said, "a man who specializes in food and drink does not know where there is good food."

I’ve been cheated, taken out, bullied by people many times:

, an Internet banking entrepreneur, let us interview him platform, prices are good, but did not sign a contract. The 3000 word article written, he suddenly turns to say no money, nothing I could contact him is not with me. Finally, in addition to pulling black him, I have no other way, can only recognize;

, a Shenzhen based business services company, found that I wanted to work with us on a vertical media business incubator, saying they were willing to pay for their resources. We negotiate with him after a month, wrote several versions of the BP, analyzes the feasibility and detailed financial budget. Eventually, he said he could "invest in strategy": 700 thousand yuan, or 30%. I was silly at that time because they couldn’t provide any resources needed by the media. They could do nothing but money. I tried to talk to him about the price, so he didn’t even want to talk, and said nothing. In retrospect, the company probably wanted to come up with a plan and budget from us, and then go ahead with the incubator. But they didn’t seem to have done it at last. After all, they didn’t make the media gene;


spliced, to accommodate 30 people, grandmother’s founder Wu Guoping, Alibaba partner Wang Shuai, writer Gong Xiaoyue, Jincai Gallery founder Jingeng, architect Shen Lei, Wang 54 people from the media etc.. The food on the table was prepared by Liu Hanlin, the owner of the drunken cottage.

"in the past, stock is to replace the MSG, MSG is now more convenient." Zhu Jian said, "after a lot of things industrialization, the production process has been compressed, and the crops are getting shorter and shorter.". The product structure is rich while the product structure is distorted.

Zhu Jian once asked the chef at a restaurant, now also broth boil? Answer: don’t boil, it takes too much time.

documentary "Jiangnan flavor" introduces drunk Lu, a lot of people are attracted to find the hidden in the courtyard of the Jiangnan village. Drunk cottage no menu, season when there is seasonal food, Liu Hanlin will buy food ingredients in accordance with the season.

big data marketing company and we are in the same incubator open office space office, they often self-assured or supercilious loud noise and noise, and the total disregard for next we need a quiet office environment. We are half a year and they communicate in a kindly manner many times, they still go its own way; we and the incubator management and communication in a kindly manner several times, but has not been as management. Until one day, when the company was decorated in the office, it was too noisy for us to work. Beyond endurance, I shouted to them and said, "would you please be quiet? We are working here." unexpectedly, several male employees of the company suddenly came round and one of them was evil

The long table

consumption upgrading, demand is abundant, but the supply side is important. Enjoy the 24 season

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a lot has happened recently……

Abstract: this time I feel very wronged: can I get angry, I can SAPO, but it can solve any problem? This can let us no longer deceived? It can make the company’s development on the right track

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in September 2015, Zhu Jian resigned as editor in chief of city express and decided to start a business.

I sadly locked myself at home and began to recall all the things that I had been doing for more than a year.

since her wife had a child, Zhu Jian found that his family had been in constant state of anxiety, and his wife was wary of everything she used. Zhu Jian said, "madam, there is a WeChat group, which are all young mothers, every day to discuss what things can be used, what food can eat?".


Shenzhen A

Zhu Jianzhao’s first partner was Shen Hongfei, general counsel for the two season, "China on the tip of the tongue.". Zhu Jian said that Shen Hongfei was the man he liked best to eat and drink and know best to eat and drink.

last fall, a group of people made an interesting attempt to eat. They take the table to the ridge, surrounded by tea.

in the media, Zhu Jian is facing the core of the problem is the truth of information, from the media out, he found that life still needs to face the "real" this problem.

in the Japanese entrepreneurs to take the initiative to find me to help him do FA, my team took two months to communicate with him, to help him do the industry combing, competitive analysis, project analysis and investment institutions, list, process did not take him a penny, even I have shown you can throw him a sum of money. But the man just didn’t want to sign a contract back home from Japan, and we dragged it back and forth for a long time. Finally, I realized that I couldn’t spend any more with him. Our team had paid so much, so I decided not to cooperate with him and let him go to another FA.

"we are in the information highly in circulation, the material is fully rich, but do not know where you can eat a meal cooked from the intentions of others, where can I buy a safe and reliable supplies." It was originally the personal problem of Zhu Jian, but he found that his family was a microcosm of the middle class family.

was the first phase of a series of "best meals", sponsored by Zhu Jian, founder of the 24 season. The effect of the attempt was to arrive at memory, Zhu Jian said.