Through the Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship competition the semi finals start 104 en

, vice mayor of Luoyang, Chen Shuxin and other leaders attended the press conference.

May 26th, 2016 Luoyang through Silicon Valley innovation contest press conference held ceremoniously in Luoyang National University Science Park at the same time, 2016 Luoyang through Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals officially started, 104 entrepreneurial teams and companies from all over the country in the field of competition. Headlines as a collaborative media to attend the meeting.

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subsequently, 2016 Luoyang through the Silicon Valley innovation and entrepreneurship competition program release. It is understood that the contest from February to July, divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and the final round of competition. At present, the preliminary link has ended, there are 104 companies entrepreneurial team and talent shows itself from more than 500 domestic and foreign teams in. The semi-finals will be held at the National University of science and Technology Park in Luoyang in from May 26th to 27th, and 24 high-quality items will be selected to enter the final link. Finals will be held in June 15th, and ultimately will be selected enterprise group, team group one or two, three prize, to share the total bonus of up to 2 million 700 thousand yuan. In addition, the competition will also be selected from 5 to 10 projects, sent to the United States, Silicon Valley, and the world’s top business team learning exchanges.


it is understood that the contest sponsored by the Luoyang municipal government, Luoyang City Committee, the Luoyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Luoyang municipal office personnel, Jianxi district government, Luoyang National University Science Park, iFLYTEK, Henan Limited by Share Ltd Blackstone public record Co. Ltd., Henan Chong Ka Space Network Technology Co. Ltd. and other contractors. The contest is committed to help Luoyang to further create a national demonstration base of Small and micro businesses hit City, Luoyang to build the local brand innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the further introduction of international capital, talent, technology, project management resources, the success of Luoyang to the international stage of innovation and entrepreneurship.

conference site, the origin of capital, pine capital, black butterfly capital, Hong Thai fund and other more than 20 well-known representatives of domestic investors to visit the scene, respectively, for innovation and entrepreneurship were carried out a wonderful keynote speech.