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who did Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster that added to the site of their optimal operation adverse slide. In fact, personally think that everything has two sides, the key is how you look at it. For the user experience, in fact, the slide is most likely to attract the attention of the user forum, because the general slide is larger with the title, just like the picture form in popular. Then we should be how to optimize the setting slide, instantly attracted the attention of users, so as to improve the user experience? First, to abandon the traditional thinking, website ranking is not good is not the reason for the slide, spiders don’t know the slide, when a spider climb to slide that a piece of code, will skip the but, in the snapshot display is blank. The slide is not the pursuit of large, right, many people think that the slide should be large enough style, is actually small slides, slides can also attract the attention of users, such as the map:

website optimization, search engine is more emphasis on setting the optimization of the site within the chain, because no matter how powerful you, whether you included a high amount of how much, if the station can not meet the needs of users, can not let users satisfied, so the site’s ranking naturally can not be stable rise. For now, the grassroots webmaster, many people still have to do site optimization outside this, often ignore the importance of internal site optimization, so that every snapshot update, the chain of thousands, had ranked no shadow. So, website optimization does not necessarily increase the chain will help to understand the rankings of complementary search engine can be fully trust and customer satisfaction. Today the author takes examples to share some of the details of the station optimization settings, skillfully retain users.

so small to open speed, so don’t add slides will let the site open speed too slow excuse. At the same time for a site, if you look carefully, you will find that slides in a page click rate are the highest, so we do in the station optimization settings, might as well make use of the slide this quickly attract the attention of the user forum, it will enhance the user experience, enhance the user viscosity are harmless.

In twenty-first Century

are generally on the right or left, in fact, this is not perfect on both sides of the user attracted the attention of. Besides, if your article is long, so the left and right of the recommended reading will be flooded cover off after the user to read the full article, to read the other content you need to scroll up. So for some not what patient users naturally can not meet their needs. Then we should be how to solve this problem.


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