Virtual son rain analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis report keywords ranking and flow

site keywords ranking is very important, good keywords ranking is our website optimization goal, fundamental and independent website profitable. Some people say: independent web site keywords my ranking is not very good, but also profitable, why is this? Is this kind of friends consider only a part of the keywords ranking, some invisible is not considered, a website to be profitable, there must be customers to have traffic, a keyword no ranking is not possible for us to profit. Keywords the friend said ranking is mostly target keywords ranking, sometimes because the company in the industry famous degree is high, the brand keywords benefits would be more effective than target keywords. So when analyzing web site keywords ranking will need to distinguish keywords to analysis.


Hello, I am virtual son rain. In front of you have seen my diagnosis of Shanghai dragon series of articles, I hope you don’t think it’s too long, I think the opposite is not long enough, the content is not full, because many of the details I have because of personal issues from the perspective of did not see too clearly, I hope you and I discuss the supplement. I introduce seven dragon diagnostic aspects of Shanghai are the "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website positioning analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website keyword analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnosis report website layout analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai the Dragon diagnostic report web site code, URL link structure analysis" and "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report of website content quality analysis" "virtual son rain: Shanghai dragon diagnostic report website and snapshot analysis" "virtual son rain:" analysis of Shanghai dragon diagnosis report website external links, below I will give introduce the keywords ranking and flow analysis.

Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic report keywords ranking and flow analysis

1, website keywords ranking analysis

A, the target keyword is certainly the main direction of our optimization, because the target keyword can bring a lot of traffic for us, a website optimization is good or bad, can make a judgment according to the target keywords ranking, we generally in the home before three he said the optimization of the website is doing quite yes, but only if you can not enter the top three position in the home page, then the optimization is pretty good, but did not meet our requirements for the first three pages, this is only a preliminary optimization of our work standards, the first ten pages are truly started. Keywords well, pay more attention to the analysis of the target key >

for the independent website, we are most concerned about the keywords ranking, ranking as a decision on your own website in the industry brand, in addition to our website traffic has also decided that these have a direct impact to the company’s business, the fundamental effect to we want to achieve. Below I will briefly from the two aspects to give you an introduction.