The use of writing labels in Shanghai Longfeng in some commonly used symbols

may have some friends who have seen the underlined in the title, there are some owners to use the underscore as a delimiter, but underline "_" is just an ordinary letter rather than a delimiter. The definition of hyphens is a text index separate mark. So, suggest you Adsense then write Title try not to use the underscore as delimiters.

today to talk about a Shanghai dragon symbol in the problem, it is mainly used in the title of Title symbol, use is the delimiter. When writing title, often to be included in the multiple keywords, how to make these key words but also let the search engine from the association of distinction, it is necessary to understand the different uses and function symbols.

spaceThe use of

, five short lines "|"


has a lot of friends will use the hyphen when writing title, it will be regarded as a separator, it is not wrong, this symbol can indeed play a delimiter role, but compared to the English station, Chinese station used in general is relatively small, this symbol is more conducive to English Shanghai Longfeng station.

we usually use the comma has two kinds, one is a English state, two Chinese state is a comma, comma comma and English said that although Chinese is a comma, but in title writing, there is a difference in title, English comma as a delimiter. The Chinese comma condition may have other functions, if in a sentence which use a comma Chinese, so that a search engine that this is a Chinese in that long sentences, search engines will be as long as one word, rather than as a delimiter. For example, a title "such a sad article, log, emotional stories, essays, literary appreciation – sad short online short article network, my purpose is to let search engines know that this title contains a sad article and other words, but if you use the Chinese comma, then the search engine will take this as a long sentence long tail keywords, this result is clearly not what I want.

three, a hyphen "-"

, a comma ","

four, "

_" underline

space is very common, but we generally in the writing of labels and not use spaces. This is because the space is generally divided as English between words, that is to say, the space is often used in the English station of Shanghai dragon, and in Chinese, generally not in space as the separator. So, do English station friend, should pay more attention to the space.

short lines may be a separate symbol title most frequently used, which is a separate symbol I personally recommend use, "|" can be divided into the site title >