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L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝/index.html

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝

L 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝/

HTTPS is encrypted web site, can be understood as a safe version, HTTP port: 443, using the SSL protocol, see the "TCP/IP agreement" on the books. And if http>

causes irregular siteThe


search engine will automatically select the most appropriate URL as a web site. As everyone knows, we open the IE enter the URL in the address bar, according to their user experience different habits, different ways of input. This is why there will be irregularities in the web site. Such as:

is now a brief analysis of technical problems about the above URL:

, with and without index.html, did not feel what the difference between users. But the spider said could feel more dizzy: which one is the homepage? In the end what page spider returns? This method is not friendly to the spider.

technically, in computer processing, each corresponding to a character encoding (see the introduction to computer science books); and the search engine is the above URL as a different address to see, although the final return is the home page.

L https://s.domain贵族宝贝 (less)

. Shanghai Longfeng Law: specification. Writing is helpful to improve the website weight.

these five kinds of ways to enter the URL of the eye can see, is pointing to the same page: home page.

has no WWW, what is the difference? In DNS, WWW is the host name you want to parse. In the domain name, will you fill in a domain name: domain贵族宝贝 host name, we generally fill: www. Of course, you can also fill in BBS or other such as ABCDE etc.. If so, fill, host the return page is not the same. To search engines, which are two different sites, two different pages. Two to calculate the PR value.

example: 贵族宝贝 and 贵族宝贝 in the search engine appears to be two different sites. The 贵族宝贝 PR value is 8, and 贵族宝贝 of the PR value is equal to 6. But from human judgment, this is actually the same site.

Another problem