Wu Wenhui Shanghai is the long tail keywords know sex weapon

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3. using competitor meta tags in your long tail keywords

1. love Shanghai search box enter your target keywords, get the long tail keywords in the drop-down box in

5. use brainstorming to collect high quality long tail keywords

a lot of friends before sex when Shanghai know no systematic to do more, with no other effective way, so the effect has been to reach the expected goal, so many people still can not find a good way, I personally feel that the first to establish a long tail keywords record form, and then combined with the following methods to ensure the system of record.

6. using industry related search to collect the search for industries like the long tail keywords

, a search of long tail keywords quality

enterprise has 5 pages, a total of 10 genes of long tail keywords, then point the first clear is that each keyword mining 20 out of key words, such a calculation, is almost 200 of Shanghai know love to do. Keep every day in 5, basic two months can be completed by two months, regularly updated every day, can bring effect is considerable.


2. love Shanghai search box and click on your input keywords, you get the long tail keywords

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4. index in Shanghai mining competitive love small, click on a large number of long tail keywords

through the combination of the above methods, we get a 30~50 for a long tail word about a keyword in the first step, we have to do is the first selected in line with the development of the enterprise itself, and its products are strong correlation between keywords, then we should be how to do

Raiders in the bottom of the page in the search

two, the use of high quality long tail keywords

love Shanghai know, believe that Shanghai dragon friends all know the value of what is, the temptation of a series of weights, popularity, hits the now not willing to give up this "food", but after all, is to love their children in Shanghai. Many people still do not understand the children, did not take advantage of this platform, but I believe that many people have made love in Shanghai know, but whether there is a systematic, it really played effect? The idea of combining I recently, "100% by + advertisement + user + experience flow", this combination is very attractive to you, then you go with patience.

I believe you see here, will not have such a doubt, do not know the effect which way is the best. Which want to consider a Shanghai dragon Er thinking ability, is from the user angle to consider.


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