Why don’t pay too much attention to love Shanghai


according to the above three points, we can see some conclusions: the snapshot is a web page is indexed logo; more useful, timely, valuable page snapshot update more quickly. The key to find so, to improve the method of website snapshot update will find. There is, is "an important snapshot backwards, and deal with the right down, Never mind.

second, love Shanghai why snapshot update

love is love when Shanghai snapshot, Shanghai spiders in the grab your page, record your page content. We love Shanghai snapshot, often only concerned about recording time.

is one of the most important ", tend to retain copies of web page in the search engine, and the index of time these snapshots are not the same, in some cases, the search engine may choose a snapshot of the more important he felt for display, so there may be a snapshot retrogression situation. The site itself is Never mind, but not because the search engine by reducing the power to deal with the site. Through here, we can find a snapshot backwards ", are often relatively high weight of the page, and snapshot backwards and drop the right treatment without any relationship, not so nervous.

love Shanghai is actually a "snapshot update, the index of time. Each new web crawls, love of Shanghai will be according to their degree of importance and timeliness to build the index at different frequencies, some important updates page, the spider will create the index at a faster rate. If a website is only a general text content without change or timeliness of the content value, will not be search engine that is updated page and create a new index, so many reasons not updated snapshot here: "update only a text and no limitation of value. But it’s not because there is no update, it shows that he is not important, not to mention the weight is low.

has been, many webmasters are too concerned about the snapshot updates, that there is a certain relationship between the speed and the weight of the site updated website snapshot, snapshot update, the weight is high, slow to update is low. In fact, this is wrong.

third, love Shanghai snapshot why

For the love of Shanghai ? ?

so it is recommended that you not be too concerned about the snapshot update, because the snapshot update and the site itself weight, and whether it is right to drop no direct relationship. The owners do not have to pay more attention to the snapshot time, best to concentrate on construction, it focus on the content of the website, because only improve website content and the search experience, in order to receive the trust of users and search engines. There will be more.

snapshot of the problem, really do not know how many times, there are still a lot of stationmaster are concerned about this issue, then again, I hope to help the webmaster snapshot which is still confused.

, what is the first love of Shanghai