The medical industry standards write three of the highest level of medical article

no matter how conception, our goal is to promote the authority of medical technology, and the standpoint of good, is able to create a sensational effect. This than those who just rely on the original title, but no substance, with voice and influence.

to write text, must first determine a standpoint. Standpoint is to apply the customers better. For example: Wuhan medical stork Hospital experts through years of research, the original treatment of infertility first-class technology — cube inoculation microenvironment technology. The hospital in order to promote this technology need to write a lot of soft paper media promotion. This time, how to write the soft soft marketing, determine the standpoint is very important. The different standpoint, can play different marketing effect. For example, some copy from the point of view of the conception of medical technology to write this article, such as the "magic cube inoculation microenvironment technology, create a new era of infertility" industry, also has the authority of the copy from medical angle conception writing this article, such as the "magic cube inoculation microenvironment Technology was shocked by the Asia Pacific · Singapore infertility forum" and so on, many also copy pen Zoupian front, can think of a better idea angle, that is through other successful cases to prove the superiority of cube inoculation microenvironment technology. Such as "patients in a hospital in Beijing January jumped thousands of people suspected of cube inoculation microenvironment technology to create the miracle". Of course, such soft writing requirements even higher.

soft standpoint

to write text, not only need good literary talent, overall planning more in need of a soft. How to write a good article not only >?


(2), overall planning

there are a lot of people say is the highest expression of the soft "experts know, lay watching, employers burst with joy". Simply put, the purpose is to let consumers or readers can resonate, causing the demand desire. Only through the soft Wen brought customers, then the employer will be wild with joy. This time in order to reflect the charm and soft marketing effect. So how to write so that consumers demand caused by the desire of the soft? First realm of this is the lonely prince to say: the soft standpoint.

said, we are very interested in. Effect of soft Wen is very obvious, became the webmaster touted marketing. Therefore, the soft writing has become the focus of the public. How to write a soft text? Everyone wants to know, but there are a few people really know? Maybe you will choose to love Shanghai about the Internet, collected a variety of soft writing skills, but I think, what is, there is no real readers who want to learn or understand the soft the charm and profound influence. Today, the lonely prince, to medical soft as an example, the three level of written medical text, let the webmaster or medical in the medical industry of Shanghai dragon can get an unexpected harvest from.