The value orientation of the primary challenges facing Shanghai is to recognize Shanghai dragon drag

" will appear in Shanghai dragon every day hundreds of times on the ear, let me fortunately now rarely go to the forum, blog, but more time to promote meaningful research methods on the website, let me really out of the side of Shanghai Longfeng narrow, more aware of the value orientation of Shanghai dragon. The following is the three value orientation of the author.

people say Shanghai dragon is an art, but few people can enjoy Shanghai dragon art, most people every day in the layout of the page, optimization, tag, how to do better and so on, which is of concern to everybody; I sometimes rather special, often see things of beauty, and will Shanghai Longfeng combination, this is what I want to express the third Shanghai dragon is the art of thinking, if the majority of Shanghai dragon Er like optimization research to study the optimization of "as our life, and in accordance with the standard to carry out, you will have more outstanding achievements; that is to say, optimization our personality, optimizing our relationships, optimize our knowledge, optimize the ability, optimize their ranking impression in the minds of the surrounding, Shanghai dragon is an art, will.

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in a Shanghai dragon market mix, if you do not find new things, not to face the customer, you will never feel China in small business owners understand and change on the network. Never know the user psychological changes, of course, do not necessarily want to see Shanghai Longfeng customers, but we must know how to communicate with customers. The ultimate goal is not to help Shanghai Longfeng customers will do a keyword ranking, but to understand the needs of users to assist enterprises to help customers succeed, so that Shanghai dragon is not only ranking, want to go out of Shanghai Longfeng narrow side should understand marketing, psychology, writing knowledge.

1, Shanghai dragon is not only ranked

Internet selling products, selling services, selling ads. Shanghai dragon is a kind of mode of selling services, many companies or individuals in Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon service well done, they are optimistic about the customer, they have a lot of skills, such as planning, marketing knowledge, data analysis ability, psychological ability, has unique insights on the Internet, do a period of time I found Shanghai dragon just a part of the Internet service. In a narrow sense Shanghai dragon is a skill, not known as the technology, the effects of Shanghai Longfeng this skill combined with the actual situation and the needs of users to produce good reflect and influence can be called technology, technology is used to service technology, we will, but the service is not always in place, you need to go understanding of customer needs, you need to know what is the most important factor to retain customers? In order to be able to combine Shanghai Dragon Technology and Shanghai Longfeng perfect service. This is what I want to say second points, Shanghai dragon a service.

3, Shanghai dragon is an art

Three kinds of profit model of

2, Shanghai dragon is a kind of service