The Shanghai dragon optimization is not to put the spiders as Emperor


most of the webmaster all know, the website can get good rankings in the search engine is very important, so many webmaster do please search engine capabilities, anxious to search engine spiders as the emperor view, hoping to get the appreciation of spiders, so as to enhance the site’s ranking, but in fact, even if the the spider served well, can not get good rankings, this is why? Because the spider is not human emotions, you immediately put it as the emperor he has no mercy on you, what, so the site optimization, optimization is not possible for the spider better, but to know choose to learn some skills! Shield spider! In addition to restrictions such as spider crawling on the ADMIN and DATA, also can shield the spiders in other directories on the appropriate That is also very good, following the analysis of several shield spider

spider is very greedy, as long as you feed him, whether it is real or unreal are zhaodanquanshou, content inside the website such as the cache directory, the spider would so this is bound to index, and the contents on the website appeared repeatedly, if repeated too much, will the algorithm mechanism then love Shanghai think your site cheating, thus even enhance the weight of your site, to bring the enormous influence to the site, usually each site of the program cache directory cache directory is not the same, according to the different procedures of the station to shield the corresponding


two: the cache directory can be shielded to prevent duplication of index

CSS directory is completely useless for spiders, crawling after it will affect the search engine algorithm, so it can be blocked by ROBOTS.TXT file, in addition to many site program RSS page is a duplication of the content, after the crawl will mistakenly determine the cause of the search engine, the two aspects are needed shield! This shield appears to be on the spider’s disrespect, actually as conducive to disease Good medicine is bitter. to

three: CSS RSS page catalog and some need to shield

in general, the static page of the website is very easy to be included in the search engine spiders, usually grab and included are two different things, in addition to website static pages, most of the site there is also dynamic pages, such as "w>

four: if there is a double page, then the priority mask

because many owners are now looking for the same pictures and apply templates on the Internet, these templates and pictures have been spread on the Internet, then you make your site spider crawling again these old-fashioned things, will let the spider is very disgusted, let your website to post imitation of cheating the label, you want to get the search engine of all ages but is more difficult, so the IMAGES directory can usually be shielded

Faithful words grate upon the ear.!!

: a picture and template directory can be blocked

dynamic web page is very necessary!