Shanghai dragon should return to the original promotion methods


due to the role of search engines has been known to the webmaster. From the original simple network promotion webmaster is gradually transferred to the Shanghai Phoenix as the core of marketing. A few years ago, Shanghai found love not so much garbage, not because there is no garbage station, but it is not popular in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon appeared, has been used in the extreme, cheating is more and more powerful, and love Shanghai constantly updated, it is in order to avoid the abuse of these things.

The original

chain: the chain is now in order to find the weight of high weight can leave the chain, the chain will stay in a sneaky way to run. The original approach is looking for potential users, openly propaganda, now openly propaganda.


search engine has also been improved, those who deliberately for the Shanghai dragon opportunistic way, one day will be punished. When the survival of the site, the weight will itself become very high, after all, after so much controversy remains strong, perhaps those opportunistic before you website has already been K to get up. And those new to the site, but also through love Shanghai non-stop test to gradually climb up.

promotion methods are divided into: the content and the chain

love Shanghai recently updated algorithm, K dropped a lot of stations, to exclude those being injured, but some stations are K is inevitable. Many Webmaster Station was K not because of what you do recently, you may have done before what those things still in your previous traces, such as mass outside the chain. You may also be insisted on a mistake but originally without a penalty method, such as clicks, now we all know nothing, but perhaps after a period of time, love Shanghai update algorithm, all are out K.

content: reduce dependence on search engines, for the user to create value for the purpose of. The so-called to create value for customers, "said users do not know is, do users do not bother to do, to help users do not". As long as the basic, the user experience is solved. This point do best, be like those who set the forum stickers, zhidingtie, post navigation. The more detailed the better, do not have to consider whether the export link, whether to join in the chain, is split into several articles increased included better, all the user needs as the standard. Reduce your update quantity, improve the quality of your. By doing so you will find what export chain, chain, import chain, update frequency, long tail word of what. You are not the user experience is more important, there is no high return rate, low dropout rate caused by the great power.

before the Shanghai dragon, important content, the chain like now, because it is composed of two elements of the website. But in fact it is far different, not the pursuit of content within the chain, the long tail word. The chain is not the pursuit of weight, anchor text. To make the site real value, return the user experience, marketing power, doing for a long time, you should return to the original promotion methods to do Shanghai dragon.