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website, try not to replace the domain name

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website, this is the most important point, when your clients or the company’s website has some defects, can be the whole website revision, but will not replace the domain name, otherwise the website had nothing. Maybe a lot of people will say the domain name with the website and the enterprise does not meet must be replaced, this time you can ask for the leadership to register a domain name and then doing a website, you may not agree with the practice of leadership. So when the website do not consider this domain name, directly on the site to start the revision.

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when you’re ready to revision of the website, please do not directly on the server website, because of slow revision will affect the search engine to update the index page, resulting in the decline in the rankings. So will the website to download the document locally in the revision, the downloaded file can be a part of, can also be ZhengZhan files, then revised in replacement, this method is effective and one-time revision.

usually encountered website there are two reasons, the first is just entering the enterprise / company Shanghai dragon or website technicians, first came to the company saw the website not need revision, I believe that many owners who have had this experience. The second is the network company technicians, technicians are part of a website to undertake some work to do. No matter what the reason is the website, we all need to do the revision work, to avoid the site most affected and reduced to a minimum, the following by the author with his own experience how to avoid ranking and traffic to suffer the greatest impact on website.


website is a very large head of technology for the webmaster, the website will have a great influence to our website normally, especially the revision is not successful it will cause irreparable loss, so many webmaster in the revision site at the same time all want to minimize the impact in particular, to ensure that the existing ranking and flow losses, this to the webmaster is already the best results.

for example: I now will the enterprise website of a lot of revision, is the site of the main structure, and the page within the chain, then download the program file to the local site, set up a website with the current in the local environment, the website data also downloaded to the local, by moving the site in the local construction, so that you can access a server in the same site and, here I recommend is the APMserv environment software, you can build ASP/PHP/JS/Nginx and other environment. When the site in the local construction after one of the files you want to change to change, change after the unified upload to the server, so has caused very little.

Don’t try to change new domain name the

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