Of the ten major domestic search engine under only to innovate to survive


in April 2010 by the people’s daily China agency launched instant search, by the general manager of the national famous athlete Deng Ya Ping, director of the company. Instant search hit do PPC slogan, and at the same time to prevent spam messages, concise and clear picture let the user experience to achieve the ultimate, search to all useful things, but it is so the momentum of its development for two years, instantly search for future development is also limitless.

Microsoft, once the world’s largest Internet Co, the millions of users need to depend on the company, when its influence gradually weakened, also entered the search market, the launch of the Bing search. It can be said that Microsoft users worldwide should be hundreds of millions, the overwhelming majority of user groups, and even love Shanghai to worship, but in the domestic search market, Bing’s influence can be ignored, perhaps people do foreign trade need, however, if domestic Bing did not play.

9.Bing, Microsoft’s

search is one of the earliest search engine, when the gas market share of more than love Shanghai, but in the gradual development, its share has been far lower than other search engines, as found in the field of vertical search, or have some merit, especially e-commerce, it still has the advantage.



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Google has surpassed Microsoft to become the world’s largest Internet Co in the world, the search engine, no company can match, even years of YAHOO is far behind, Google is the search engine field mark. Of course, now that is the search, because of many reasons, after Google’s servers to Hongkong, in many parts of the continent has not open the homepage of Google, many places have blocked Google, but Google’s user experience than love Shanghai. "

10. Google, the world’s largest search engine

7. – the original HC search

Yahoo China has now gradually withdraw from the Chinese stage, many search engines in domestic debates, the first of its advantages has been the impact of YAHOO’s users all a hideous mess, now only a small part of the Yahoo Corp, is also relatively strong in the world of the search engine, in some areas far beyond Google search, but in the domestic search, YAHOO has quit the stage of history.

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8. – Yahoo China