The long tail words flow to do with monopoly shops

1, select the top 20 information platform. Through the search keywords and the drop-down box inside the industry keywords ranking to collect all the amount of information platform in the top 20 sites, because only the information in the top 20 of the US is likely to be done before three, the main principle is the use of click. You need to collect good after the screening, select those weight higher than 4, especially in Shanghai more than 4 of the weight of love. Less than 4 of the platform is eliminated, because the probability of these platforms ranked in the top 20 of the relatively low. We do not need to spend a lot of time to do a low probability of things, will waste a lot of time, so we need to focus on those who will have 50% probability of entering the top 20 information platform.

3, mining long tail keywords. If the types of products by type of products, address type + + + products as long tail keywords. The serious nature of the region is the address + products, can also be a product price, product + + effect + +, product classification, product manufacturers, product manufacturers, product + company + etc.. For the same meaning but a kind of long tail word keywords homing of a different category, some platforms can duplicate content, some can not. If we can duplicate content, then classified as a class will play the role of the

2, the registered account platform, improve the content of the shops. Each platform screened at least register an account, because the number of some platform release information is limited, an account is not enough, so they need 2 accounts. Registered account to improve company information and product information, if the free open shops will immediately improve the information after the opening of shops.


4, edit content released. Each of the long tail keywords prepare an article, the article does not need their own original, the other from the collection platform, but must add additional value to the. If someone else’s article we give no drawings, and drawings. The document needs we add links to download, download the content in the love of Shanghai SkyDrive, this will not only help SkyDrive content ranking, we publish content will also have additional value. Our students will use this method for some words do love Shanghai home, bring traffic and orders to the site. When will the editor issued to the cross platform, such as a and B are the same long tail word meaning, this a is 1, B is 2. then in the article released to another platform when the a article 2. Keywords strong regional city can be released, the content may be repeated, mainly to see whether the platform allows duplicate content.

when we put the main keywords to home after the discovery brought order and as we imagine, is our website do not or have the conversion rate so low? There are actually a large part of the flow is diverted to the long tail word, or a few months for the new station how to do long term is certainly not feasible? So, we use the rankings very good platform to do the long tail word, can bring the number of orders will not be lower than the site brings. The specific steps are as follows: