Wu Xianzu Three Misunderstandings of search engine optimization should pay attention to


in a lot of the time I love to use the long tail keywords to optimize, although with less traffic, it is very practical. If our website service position is very important, we can join the area name in the title is also very simple optimization method. For example: Ganzhou website promotion or a certain area of Shanghai dragon, it can bring us the customer is not fantastic.

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came out, in order to enrich the contents. Helpless and collection, one or two times. But not for a long time people gathering. Especially new sites should avoid the use of tools for collecting collection articles, we do stand up if you want to get the favour of search engine, then we must give the spider a little sweetness, if you give him all he had eaten, then he will love you? If you really don’t understand the original article, then I suggest you at least the original artifacts, the food re packaged, so the search engine will still love. It is recommended that you still don’t reprint articles others, do not use what you may, in the short term rankings with included will increase, but this will mean disaster

first, the title and description of the contents of

third, to prevent malicious click cheating

what is a malicious click click? On the current Internet industry, there is no clear standard for the way of cheating. There are a lot of new hope for instant success, the site can become famous overnight. To purchase invalid clicks, it is actually extremely unfriendly to the search engine. It is easy to fall right into light.

acquisition acquisition tool to avoidThere are many new sites in the



and study the use of search engines in our life is more and more wide coverage, while learning the search engine optimization is the required course for us a qualified webmaster. Before I started to learn knowledge Shanghai dragon feeling very simple, then do it yourself to optimize your web site, a single Shanghai dragon is not so simple as we think. I learn this knowledge when they found a small part of the problem, it is easy to mislead us.

title and description we must take to consider, how can we go to expand practical words, avoid meaningless words and phrases. It also advised Shanghai Longfeng just started learning students, too. Don’t remember optimization. It is easy to be search engine drop right. In the title as far as possible to avoid the practical sensitivity of words such as: the biggest, the first. Sensitive words and so on.