As a qualified Shanghai dragon er you should know these domain knowledge


did Shanghai Longfeng optimization should all know, the domain name of the website can guide the search engine spiders crawl the content of the website, but also help the user of the site’s memory. A good domain name, the website of the Shanghai Phoenix work and operation effort. Then, a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, need to grasp what the domain knowledge? Today, and it won a search up to look at.

, a domain name suffix

understand the domain name suffixes, and now found a win up to look at the style of domain name. In our country, most of the domain name is a domain name. Because the Chinese characters are Chinese spelled pinyin. For example, Sina micro-blog weibo贵族宝贝 is the domain name, the domain name is baidu贵族宝贝 love Shanghai. The domain name has the advantage of convenient and easy to remember. The common domain name style, and a short domain name. A short domain name, which is composed of one, two or three character domain names. This kind of domain name length is short, compared with the phonetic domain, more convenient for users to remember. For example, when the music network domain name is d贵族宝贝, this in memory, search for users, it is no pressure. There is a style of digital domain name domain name. The digital domain name, usually accompanied by brand, contact or special holiday birth. For example, 360 security guards is the domain name, the domain name is China Mobile 10086贵族宝贝. In short, the domain name style, all contribute to the search engine spiders crawl web content, and easy to remember, very helpful on the website of the Shanghai dragon work.

Two, the domain name


Shanghai dragon industry flourished in such a view, the domain name suffix to.Edu and.Gov led, "nature" has a higher weight. Why? In the case of.Edu, usually have such domain name suffix site is American universities and other educational institutions, and stand in the Shanghai dragon’s point of view, these sites, with little or almost no articles or low quality junk content. So, this kind of domain name suffix has a higher weight, it is self-evident. But the website domain name suffix, and more. At present, the widely popular common domain name suffix is贵族宝贝, because of its First impressions are strongest changing people’s habit of bias, has certain advantages, easy to remember, the distribution of weight is very considerable. Many large websites will use the domain name suffix in the registration of all. In China, compared to the domain name suffix Shanghai dragon is favored by.Cn. This is the area Chinese top-level domain name, price and weights are relatively high, once beyond贵族宝贝. The common suffixes are.Net and.Info, in which.Net and贵族宝贝 are about the same weight distribution, but the user to access the habit and memory tends to disadvantage, therefore,.Net is often used as a substitute for贵族宝贝. .info, because of its low price, many tend to use black hat Shanghai dragon behavior of the site selection, so the weight is very low, and there have been mistaken for a garbage station, extend the period of the study of risk.