Bidding account set up three major points to note

keyword, we start the segmentation, according to the habits of each different word patterns are different, according to the key words, words to project points. According to the synonym synonym, according to the part of speech of the strength of demand points. Every kind of mode, there are various ways to the late optimization, according to key words, the latter may is mainly centered strategy. Key words synonyms synonyms is conducive to the unity of demand to price adjustment. The word mining user needs.

account, we can first love through the Shanghai index, love Shanghai droplist, love Shanghai search, guess you love all sorts of data such as collection of keywords. In these data, we can find some do not need no need words, these words: we’re not going to give up, to eliminate negative keywords. At this point, it can be very good to help us eliminate some unnecessary words.

is like beauty: www.sam-bin贵族宝贝 (reprinted annotated)

three, creative writing methods and skills of

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creative according to user search words, think the word is what people search for ideas, whether there is a demand. How to attract him click? Together, see too many for the account of creative, stereotyped, not considered the needs of users to search. And our account is considered the following creative psychology the user, a curiosity, two, three, compared psychological questions, psychology, four, accounting for five, cheap psychology, herd mentality, six, seven, authoritative psychological, psychological effect, eight, nine, the time limit of psychological oppression, creative psychological comparisons. Basically according to the nine psychological writing can effectively improve the conversion rate of.

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account may be helpful for the optimization of

Two, how to build a better!The original

is one of the price to pay for the promotion, but also can quickly bring more effective consulting promotion, we should not only control the daily expenses, with the least money to bring the greatest benefits for the company, but also to other departments and colleagues will be other content sites more perfect, let through the auction to enter our website and we understand that, higher customer satisfaction for us