Analysis of web page ranking suddenly disappear phenomenon

page ranking suddenly disappeared

3, the page of the position is one reason

from the above three points, we are to combine the actual situation of the site to a good ranking or normal. In the diagnosis of our daily Shanghai dragon in these situations is necessary.

, new sites in the rankings when easy at the beginning of the ranking is very good. Especially those who love love Shanghai very new, so new sites have included rankings will go up, but a few days off very strange rankings directly. Love is like is the case of Shanghai. But in order to I do some aspects of the summary is a good solution to this situation, I hope there is some help Thank you for you. We often say that the weight page in Shanghai Longfeng work, this is very worthy of our serious consideration, your weight in the end enough, if your weight is not enough, so want to get good rankings included and it is a delusion. So in order to increase the weight of a single page we must do the following analysis.

1, individual page weight height, if your page weight is not high enough, so want to get good rankings is indeed a difficult

Encountered such a problem in the work of Shanghai dragon Keywords

1, "the actual situation of the weight of

When the The weight of

the following one by one to do some explanation to how a process analysis. The


in the actual weight of shoot segment of a web page or we most often overlooked is "PR, I believe in my friends I do not say the actual PR value of the page, then what determines a page’s PR value, the PR value of the site from the level of the Internet the other site PR value transfer effect level, if a high weight site, of course, the weight is not equal to PR, here is not to say. The weight of a single page from other website weight

site can also come from it, in fact, this can be considered Links exchange with others, on the one hand, the website weight itself is very high, the weight of natural needless to say. If there is someone willing to give you a single word, then you more cool. Oh, but this is something others don’t do, if you can see it hard. "

transfer. You can put the chain to another web page as the source of other sites on our website for a vote, then the voting right to speak to master in a "Mo value is different, for example, to join the hao123 to you in front of a vote then the weight value of the vote, we can imagine. How much weight if a garbage site to vote for you this website will give you see how much weight transfer site.

2, individual page of the position is also a problem.