Shanghai Longfeng death knell for whom pseudo prophecy tolls

there is no denying the fact that "Shanghai dragon will die within two years of the prophecy has its reasons, the long tail theory is that, no matter how hot today dominate the market Yishouzhetian, hot, will gradually become tomorrow’s" long tail "(chicken ribs), the search engine is no exception, Google Chinese yesterday is evidenced by just a few. In time, the market leading into a" tasteless search from Chinese, gesture of "long tail" (chicken ribs), which once again reminds us, "put all your egg in one basket" is not enough, no matter the basket again how strong insurance.

is more deadly, because the search engine commercial atmosphere increasingly strong, more and more mature, taste more and more "Diao" users to search engine results trust continuously decreased, the quality of search engine into the flow of falling.

and Shanghai dragon depend too much on the search engine. The search engine has almost in its peak, users expand the space more and more small, who want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, the search engine will be able to own Everfount unlimited user’s fantasy is not realistic; and in the development of the peak period of the search engine, the more emphasis on the "stability overrides everything, almost no large-scale innovation may, faced with the pending page geometric growth with a large number of" content is meaningless with keywords "cheating as a search engine, it is becoming more and more difficult, I am afraid that this is the" love Shanghai earthquake "is still at the root cause of oscillation.

but at the same time, it must be emphasized that, even if the "Shanghai dragon will die within two years of the prophecy come true, should not be.

sum up, regardless of the "Shanghai dragon will be within two years." the prophecy will come true, we are not "kezhouqiujian", "waiting", all expect your site lies in the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love lies in the search engine on our website for sure. According to our own website promotion ultimate goal, to seize this hot marketing Shanghai Longfeng way, and constantly open up new ways of website marketing, website marketing played a combination of boxing, in order to truly be a website of our own to do bigger and stronger.


in the "love Shanghai earthquake" China Shanghai dragon ER ". I have to die" dilemma, "Shanghai dragon will die within two years that caused industry concern and discussion. But this is a pseudo problem". As for the individual Shanghai dragon ER, is not important "Shanghai dragon will ever die" – the individual Shanghai dragon wash "death" happen every day; it is important that how we can through the marketing of Shanghai dragon, reach the target of our own, let our website live better. This is the key problem.

within two years of Shanghai dragon really will die (network picture)