K is the reason and recovery method of web page these can help you

4. page ranking unchanged (or declined or the total ranking drop)

(1.) and web page >

(1.) calmly.

The The above problems are

2. page ranking disappear

home page is K:

(2.) to find the cause, an antidote against the disease. (not always love Shanghai convulsions, although love Shanghai often convulsions)

(3.) do not abandon, do not give up.

1. home disappear from Shanghai love.

site is down right is every webmaster want to see, as long as the site will meet the right things down, no matter how the site is to be done, the flow is the need to rely on love Shanghai. Summary of our past station technique and most of its peers, teacher exchanges, make their best practices in Shanghai dragon, the most advanced. To study the garbage collected every day, don’t spend a lot of time every day, how can he mass outside the chain in front, and I stood in front of normal station why not do. I have to start to do dumpster? Believe that your client is selling your products, rather than search engine. Study on how to rely on the website please your visitors than to study how garbage station ranking more reliable.

home page is K symptoms:

is looking for a very important reason, is in love with the sea website K, everyone is best to look at the SOSO, Sohu, 360, Google and other search engines, if there is right down the behavior of colleagues. It must be your site problems. Even if the other search engines are all normal, that is probably your site problem. No matter how the website, bother find its own problems is the way. Even if we can’t find Shanghai dragon cheating problem, improved user experience is good. Each love Shanghai update will have many webmaster forums in Shanghai I love convulsions, also saw a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice two months ago in the tangled love Shanghai "ventilation", now still tangled love Shanghai "ventilation", not a little progress. The dwell time, to study their learning to learn can become the master of Shanghai dragon.


recently in a push to answer questions above problems recently found friends ask "home is K" more and more people, the station also has a few home was killed. What is the real reason why and how to restore the home page included please look down.


webmaster problems encountered above problems, I want to say is

have no urgency, urgent but will quick help. I have a friend before the website home page by the K after anxious, a day to your site added 7 Links, want its rapid recovery, which know deeper. Remember to do Shanghai dragon slowly. Calmly site is down right, more learning, more exchanges, pay attention to do their own station.

3. pages included the same (or a small decline in