The reverse thinking of natural external construction

two, advertising area chain

in fact, the vast majority of the Shanghai dragon construction outside the chain through the forum, this is just great, no signature, how to do? Yes, no signature, and advertising area. It is not difficult to find, since the A5 signature is not after the soft zone there was.

the construction of the chain from a few years ago has been Shanghai dragon predecessors advocate, to this year, the chain seems to get the attention of nature. How the chain of natural construction, in this paper, which is the reverse thinking the author talks about the construction of the chain — natural natural chain.

then return to the theme of this paper, the reverse thinking of the construction of the chain. The website chain on behalf of the user on the website of the vote, like the election. Human nature will be condemned, canvassing, or even cancel the vote (that is K). However, although we all know this truth, but in the election, the votes of human impact see nothing. Shanghai dragon also is such, if you can not trace optimization conditions, improve the site’s number of votes, then you are successful. The construction of the chain of nature.

The construction of natural

2013, Shanghai Dragon World doomed calm. At the beginning of search engine will give us a Scindapsus, followed by the chain to chain tools, judgment standard, let us see the love of Shanghai against the chain’s determination, but also give us this year, even the construction of the chain work pointed out the direction of the future. In fact, no matter what the chain algorithm, are similar, just tell us, don’t cheat, good intentions to do stand. If you don’t buy a link, do not use black hat means that no matter what we are independent of algorithm.

, forum signature

chain, the author is not required if non-human construction. Imagine a new start from zero flow operation, can flow on the good, especially the enterprise website. Want others do to recommend sites, or reprint their content with the original link? It is not rational. Therefore, we must learn to let the chain of human to look natural, let the search engine that is wrong the chain is non-human.

if there is keeping an eye on the Webmaster Platform words, this should not say it. In fact, before the introduction of Webmaster Platform, we should think of what the signature can not be brought to our forum. Analysis of the 贵族宝贝 website, find the website mentioned above, some time ago a lot in the building of many A5 forum signature links. A5 later canceled after the signature by the truth, the chain greatly reduced, the website weight should be reduced. But now, this website mentioned above did not appear a little right down. It can be found that the signature of the chain could not bring the weight of the website, the search engine is a very early implementation, but not published.