Site outside the chain to the user experience is simply not overdo sth

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chain should not overdo sth.After all, the Internet can not be turned into the chain

of the ocean, but need more conducive to users and ordinary users of valuable information. Shanghai dragon friends every day most of the time in the construction site outside of the chain, trying to find the high quality of the chain, not to tell the truth what trick is nothing more than to buy links, Links, soft link. But the most natural is the soft link, every day a lot of junk outside chain actually have little effect, but for the novice, but failed to learn what knowledge. As long as you can surf the Internet, will send the chain. The network junk chain has made Shanghai the Dragon disaster caused by flooding water, quickly into the "network navy". The network Navy no technical content, want to do is different from the "Shanghai dragon network navy". Shanghai Longfeng chain need more quality, the chain should not overdo sth..

just the words in the stone love Shanghai news in search of "Shanghai dragon", originally wanted to see other people’s Shanghai Longfeng technical articles. They found an unusual phenomenon, the first page no DoNews news source, usually love stone in Shanghai love for news articles. You may have this habit, usually many from the DoNews article, DoNews has always been a news source of love Shanghai. But today you see a lot of financial services from the flush, for often contributes the friends of this website, you should not be a stranger. The majority of Shanghai Longfeng related articles were collected in A5 and Chinaz, but today I see some stone pages, many of them from this website.

user experience the importance of stone needless to say, before the DoNews chain has become the Holy Land Shanghai dragon Er, at the end of an article with.

DoNews account now is really difficult to register, the stone also consulted account writer. The current account really wanted to have a prohibitively difficult, even a lot of online trading account. This is the DoNews to discredit, stone before seen a lot from DoNews Shanghai Longfeng technical articles. Feel the chain is too much, the general journal website an article only to add a anchor text, for example: we are most familiar with A5. While Chinaz does not add anchor text, most will only be at the end of a text link. If the DoNews is no longer a news source of love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon army website submission that left A5 and Chinaz slightly, because the two big Adsense website submission is likely to be flush with the financial services network collected, and then appeared in Shanghai love news, stone see today before writing a few articles in love Shanghai news. Previous articles are only DoNews writers reprint, only love Shanghai news program, then this thing we should learn what to do?



second: the user experience is the core of