Some analysis of love Shanghai snapshot date

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May 5th morning as usual, first open the computer to see the site’s ranking, ranking these days has been in a rising trend and snapshot updates are recent 1,2 days, but today was back snapshot date to May 2nd, after inspection found my two level domain name ranking up, looking for some information it is the two level domain dispersion weight. Recently I changed the server also cause snapshot of the back.

and web site: Web site updates articles must be consistent with the website, I do is DIV+CSS Chetumal inside the station the most are Shanghai dragon optimization articles, which may lead to the article included a few days after being deleted. Like you open a restaurant in your menu is Sichuan, Shanghai love spider into the site after you sell but not Sichuan guangdong. Maybe love Shanghai temporarily may be included in your article, not 2 days will delete your article. The direct cause website right down, a long time will decline in ranking.

three. The release of the soft soft Wen diversification: not too single, my hair soft, almost all pure text outside the chain, the chain to improve website weight no description text outside the chain effect is good, so in these days, release the soft and some text chain in the blog, forum love, Shanghai and other places, in fact has received very good results. The best blogging habits, once the weight of the blog up release description text chain is very convenient. No matter what type of website has a strong backup.

. Prevent weight scattered: IIS I had the 2 one is WWW another is not, when the site was collected after. As you update the article, release the soft website article will continue to be included. At the same time the two level domain is also love Shanghai included this will result in weight dispersion, leads to a domain name included in the article gradually reduced. The two level domain name weight increased, I found out the reason according to the online method made a 301 redirect. The two level domain name domain name all point to the loss of weight slowly passed back.


four. Site stability: last week due to server problems and several changes of IP, which is very taboo for ranking. The stability of the site is very important to affect the ranking, if your site is often not open or open slowly, it will seriously affect the spider on the website of the impression. For a long time the spider visits the site of the times will become fewer, ranking will also decline. Select the server space and must find a stable number of operators.

the next day I do some processing, and second day update following up, check and modify methods:

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